6 Steps to Re-Energise Your Business in 2022

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The start of the year is an important time to reflect and set the destination and direction for your business in 2022. Businesses need to consider the following questions:

– Do you want to make things happen or have them happen to you?
– Do you want your strategy to take advantage of the opportunities ahead?
– Do you want to improve the execution of your strategy and your plans?

If you answer YES to any of those questions, you should complete our 6 Steps to Re-Energising Your Business in 2022. Regardless of size, sector or business maturity, this program will help you to re-examine your strategy, position your organisation for success and re-energise your business & team.

In Step 2, Understanding Your Business consider...

  • How is your business performing post-pandemic
  • What is your competitive edge
  • How balanced is your financial performance
  • Strategic initiatives to improve performance

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About the Authors

Steve Jebson

Business Coach and Advisor

With over 30 years experience in transforming large FTSE 250 organisations Steve helps organisations ‘change their game’. Working with ambitious business owners, entrepreneurs, CEO’s and Managing Directors to deliver long term stakeholder and shareholder value, with a focus on strategy, brand building, marketing and organisation redesign.

Tom Ricca-McCarthy

Co-founder, Lucidity

A long track record in growth and turnarounds, Tom is one of the co-founders of Lucidity. Lucidity is a software platform used by organisations in any sector to build, execute and track progress of their business strategies more effectively, leading to better or earlier results.