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Easily build and execute any marketing strategy

Our strategy software is your secret weapon to looking awesome.

A clean and well structured tree of objectives going to goals

Base your strategy on MBA-worthy analysis, without the months of study

Our step-by-step strategy tools make it super simple to do your homework and ground your strategy in solid analysis. Simply answer questions, follow the steps and come out with the right strategic insight to make intelligent decisions.

Analyse the market

Assess your competitors

Establish your competitive positioning

Conduct persona analysis

A SWOT, Ansoff Matrix and Revenue Segmentation graph

Build out your marketing strategy step-by-step

Turn that insight into informed decisions and build your plan. We make it quick and easy to set objectives, create goals and establish initiatives. All logically laid out and easy to understand. We’ll guide you with intelligent suggestions and a wealth of examples.

Part of a strategy tree showing one objective and two example goals
Photo of Alastair Digby, Lucidity strategy software customer
We've used the tools in Lucidity to analyze our market and position in it and pull our plan together in a structured way. One of the beauties of the platform is that the Marketing strategy fits right in with our company strategy which is also in Lucidity. We're properly aligned, saving time and effort and increasing the likelihood of success.
Two example strategic objectives of market share growth and product launch

Create objectives

Two example goals of CAC below  and increase marketing conversion

Set goals

Two example initiatives of competitive analysis and reviewing personas

Plan initiatives

Two example goals with data coming from Xero and Google Analytics

Establish KPIs

Super flexible task management

Custom task boards for all your planning needs

Example tasks may include

Content calendar

Example tasks may include

Campaign planning

Example tasks may include

Event management

Never have to ask or provide an update again

Connecting with 68 different marketing platforms we’re pretty sure you can always see your up to date data in one place. Ditch all those other dashboards and ignore all the noise. Lucidity sits on the high ground pulling strategically important marketing information into one place.

Effortlessly track your results and make them visible

Quickly report on progress and save yourself hours with automatic tracking and flexible dashboards. Easily see what’s working and what’s not, with all your KPI data always at hand.

Computer icon with graphs representing the strategy dashboards in Lucidity

Flexible dashboards

Get an instant view of progress in one place. Integrate with your marketing and finance systems and pull in live data for easy tracking.

Goal reporting

Create goals, add milestones, assign tasks and automatically track progress with clear graphs and detailed reports.

KPI tracking

Set your key performance indicators and align to your core strategic goals. Pull in your data and track performance, all in one place.

A collection of widgets for KPIs and Goals

Strategy Software for Marketing Teams

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