GO LARGE with your strategy

Whether you’re a large organization or just want to get super serious about your strategic planning we’ve got all the tools, flexibility and scalability you need.

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A strategy tree with objectives, goals and tasks. One goal is expanded to show more detail with progress against target.

For when you’re serious about making strategy everyone’s focus

All employees

Truly embed your strategy across the whole business with unlimited users.

All features

Enjoy the complete and ever-growing range of our tools and functionality.

No limits

Go as big as you dare. Multiple strategies, limitless goals, KPIs and tasks.

Everything strategic, all in one place

The bigger you are, the harder it can be to get visibility of what you REALLY need to know. Cut through chaos and confusion and experience clarity and calm with all your strategic work together in Lucidity. Fewer systems, less complication, fast access and clear visibility.

Get everyone aligned and working together

Your leaders collaborating, working in the same way, aligning their teams. Flexible task management and dashboards for different teams with different needs – but all together and all to hand. Fast and easy visibility of progress across the whole business and the entire plan.

Easy adoption and rollout

We’ve made it super simple to get the whole organization tuned into your strategy and contributing consistently, with a system they’ll love and support they’ll adore.

Simple to use

Everyone will get to grips in minutes with a system that works exactly as you expect.


Connect to your existing systems to see all strategically important data in one place.


Customisable setup so each team can work how they want and see what they need.

Can you afford not to?

The bigger you are, the harder you fall. Failed strategies at Enterprise level can be seriously expensive. Missed opportunities, lost revenue, wasted time and effort. We can help you save money and make millions.

The right strategy

Megaphone icon to represent communication of your strategic plan with Lucidity

Properly communicated

A target and arrow icon to represent hitting goals and achieving your strategy with Lucidity

Fully executed

The more the merrier

We inherently support lots of people, across lots of locations with lots to do. Online collaboration is easier, ongoing strategic communication is effortless and efficient execution is simple. This is strategy execution at scale.

Control access levels

With user access controls you can easily restrict sensitive areas of your strategies while leaving the rest open and available for all to see, understand and get on board with.

Use your Single Sign On

Make it even easier for all your people to access the strategy and engage with the plan with SSO. No extra login credentials to remember or passwords to manage.

Three people working remotely and collaberating on their strategy using Lucidity strategy software

Connect to the systems you already use

Whether it’s an out-of-the box integration or customized connectivity we build just for you, we’ll ensure your strategy is hooked up to all the systems and data you need to make life easier.

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Corporate office building and connection icons to represent the integrations in Lucidity strategy software suitable for enterprise customers

Strategic services from expert advisors

We go well beyond software training, delivering expert strategic guidance and best practice implementation to ensure you’re set-up for success.

An in-depth onboarding and implementation plan based on your company, market, goals and team

Support to get your existing strategy plans and processes into the platform

Full software training for your launch team

Help with all your integration needs and customisations

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