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Single strategy

5 users to get moving

Strategy planner to build your strategy

Templates & examples to help you

Task management for execution

Toolkits for relevant analysis

Presentation visuals to communicate the plan

Update & alert emails

Performance tracking

Integrations for real time insight

Help center & video tutorials

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All strategies, all involved,
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Everything in Advanced, plus:

Unlimited strategies

Unlimited users

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Custom-built integrations

Advice and enhanced support

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Enhance your plan and accelerate your success with our in-depth onboarding services from our expert strategies. Available to add to any plan, at any point.



An on-going programme of support to aid your strategic planning and performance.

Weʼll deliver dedicated, online strategy meetings with your management team or strategy owner. During this meeting planning, progress and benchmarking will occur to ensure you’ve the best strategy for your organization.



Ensure smooth adoption for true alignment across all your strategies and all your teams.

Weʼll implement an organization-wide training program developed for your teams, in line with your needs.



Seamlessly transition your existing strategy, data and ways of working into Lucidity.

Weʼll handle the migration of your existing plans, frameworks, goals and metrics, no matter where they currently live. Whatever you need moved into Lucidity, weʼll move it.

Frequently asked questions

Which plan is right for my organization and my needs?

Essentials is great for smaller organizations or those relatively new to strategy. This is a single strategy product – seriously powerful with everything you need to build, execute and show off a great strategy for your organization or department.

Advanced is for slightly bigger or more complicated organizations, or strategy experts. You can build as many strategies as you need with the Advanced plan and support multiple KPIs. For example, a Company Strategy, a Marketing Strategy and a US Regional Strategy. For the strategy pros, Advanced comes with the full Tool Library so you can select from the full range of tools and frameworks to support your strategic thinking. Lastly, the Advanced plan allows you to execute your strategy with a full, flexible and powerful task management system.

With our Enterprise plan you can ensure everyone in your whole organization is engaging with the strategic execution, with unlimited users. You can also access our API to push and pull data from the platform, or we can build custom integrations with any of your important systems so you have everything you need feeding into your strategy management, and your progress and updates feeding out to wherever you need them. So, if you have very specific needs to ensure you are driving your strategies across your large, complex organization, just get in touch to discuss your package and we’ll ensure you have what you need.

Can I change my plan later?

Of course! You can change your plan at any point. If you start on Essentials and want to build a second strategy, you can just click to upgrade to Advanced within your account or drop us a line and we can help. You’ll then have instant access to all the features of your new chosen plan!????

Can I add additional users?

Yes, you can add new users at any time from within your account. Each new user will be charged at the prices you see there, depending on what plan you’re on and what billing period you’ve selected. Remember, you get 5 users included as part of the Essentials plan and 25 users as part of the Advanced plan. If you want to ensure access for everyone across a large organization, please get in touch and we can discuss your needs.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept all major credit and debit cards including, Visa, MasterCard, Maestro & American Express. If you require alternative payment methods, please get in touch.

Can I get an invoice?

Yes, you can. You can also see and download all invoices from the billing area within your account at any time.