The World's Most Flexible Strategy Platform Professional Services

With help from Senior Academics or Experienced CEOs

A strategy expert embedded in your team

Let one of our strategy experts regularly check in to provide ideas, guidance, support and best practice


We understand the academic and the practical. We can save you time and provide assurance to move you forward quickly.


We've been there. Growth, turnarounds, opportunities and problems. We are generous with our experience.

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Whether you want help with planning or ongoing engagement and support - regular check ins make all the difference.

"It's like having a Strategy Director checking in with the team"

From seasoned commercial professionals, through to senior academics who develop the very frameworks others use, with Lucidity you’ll have external, objective feedback, suggestions and observations that should increase the likelihood of success whilst reducing risk.

Leveraging Software

From analysis through to planning, our software really helps drive to things along and to collaborate with you effortlessly.

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Enjoying results

Transparency on results coupled with light touch interventions can perform miracles in terms of results.

You can work with...

The Academics

Up to Professors of Strategy - highly experienced academics and board advisors in the field of strategy

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The Award Winning CEOs

Business people who have built and grown organizations themselves using strategy effectively

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The Functional Specialists

Niche specialists that can help put together very specific strategies

Let’s work together and help you be your best

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"We get a lot of value out of working with Lucidity. The team are great to work with, extremely collaborative and dedicated to making the partnership work for everyone."