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 At Lucidity, we want to share experience and insight to make strategy easier
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Webinar: How to Build a Growth Strategy

One of the biggest challenges faced by business owners and a lot of leaders is the lack of expertise, understanding or confidence around how to actually build a strategy. Whether you are large or small, join us to listen and hopefully learn about how to approach this opportunity with a lot of practical insight and advice. The webinar is a great balance of practical experience supported by academic rigour.


Webinar: Pricing Strategies to Powerfully Drive Profits!

Help with pricing strategy is the most frequent request we get from customers and businesses we mentor. Getting your price ‘right’ can be one of the most powerful drivers of profitability. Yet, studies have shown that, on average, businesses spend no more than six hours a year working on their pricing! Join this webinar to understand different and certain tools that can help you get the 'right' price. Come and listen to make 2023 more profitable!