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Make strategic planning your competitive advantage

Craft your strategy for success and formulate your plan

Build your own strategies using our interactive planning tools and models or choose from specially designed, pre-set strategy templates. Our strategy planner is based on tried and tested best practice and strategic expertise. It takes the pain out of your current strategic planning processes and makes sure you plan for everything you need. Use our intelligent suggestions to turn strategic insight into a set of actionable objectives, goals and initiatives.

Tailored to you

Structured how you want it

Customize your strategic plans and tailor them to your unique needs. Lucidity has the flexibility to choose any structure or template so you can adapt it to work best for you and your team. Refine and adjust whatever you need to quickly and easily and go from template to real strategy plan.

Get inspired

A wealth of examples to help you

Access the largest bank of strategy examples on the planet. Explore real-world examples from thousands of different businesses and industries, whenever you need some inspiration. Lucidity comes complete with access to examples of the important research and insight that should inform any good strategy plan.

A menu with examples of Porter's Five Forces

Set out your vision

Create objectives and measurable goals

We make it easy to turn all your insight and decisions into a series of strategic objectives, specific goals and targets. You can create the specific targets to achieve your strategic objectives. WHATEVER you want to measure and track, we have the flexibility to support any goal in any format. Goals for any activity, any sector, any business, any strategy.
Be guided by our suggestions or build your own objectives and goals.

Get everyone involved

Central location for collaboration

Creating strategies and plans on Lucidity means anyone you want to see the plan can get engaged. One central, instant access home for your strategy and all your planning work. One single place to invite the team to see the plan. Logically laid out and easy to understand. No out-of-date documents or boring spreadsheets. Just clean visuals and perfect clarity.

A graphical output with icons and information about strategic objectives

Ultimate flexibility

Easy to change and update

Everything in our planner is drag and drop. Actions changed? No problem. We’ve designed Lucidity to take the hassle out of your strategic planning processes so you can shift and adapt strategies with complete ease. Keep everybody informed on the plan and inform with updates to your team whenever and however you want.

One goal expanded out of a tree of objectives and goals to show a graph

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Transform your strategic planning

No more spreadsheets and never ending documents.

Exceed industry standards

Based on tried and tested best practice and strategic expertise.

Icon of bending arrows to represent the flexibility of Lucidity strategy software

Have complete flexibility for your plan

Designed from scratch and unique or using inspiration and based on relevant examples.

Just a sample of planning features...

Examples and guidance

Colors and graphics

An initiative showing all the tasks relating to it

Milestones and deadlines

A goal with a list of updates showing progress towards completion

Targets and metrics

"As a CFO heavily involved in company strategy, Lucidity supports the complete strategy development process. Whether doing an internal or external analysis, developing and evaluating strategic options or monitoring progress, the online platform is brilliant and easy to use."

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