The Worlds Most Flexible Strategy Platform KPI Tracker

Never lose sight of how the business is performing

Fast, central access to your most up-to-date performance metrics, across all strategies and all teams. Simple to set up and effortless to track.

Track absolutely anything

Our KPI tracker is fully flexible so you can create any kind of performance indicator for any team or team member across the business. You really can measure any unit across whatever timeframe you need. From customer numbers to caterpillars. One place to see and track all the important metrics for your success.

A selection of strategy widgets showing data from different systems

Always up-to-date

Use our quick and easy integrations to sync your KPIs with the systems that hold your data and get instant access to the latest results. Update your data as frequently as every hour for the most up-to-date figures. Save time looking in different places for different performance stats and pull the numbers from each system into one, clear and automatic KPI tracker.

A goal graph showing data from Xero in a graph form

Linked to your strategic goals

Easily connect your KPIs to the strategic goals in your strategy that set a clear target for that metric. There’s no need to double up, or have two places to update, just associate the KPI with the goal and as your KPI tracks, it’ll update your goal progress.

Data coming in and out of Xero

Shared for strategic cohesion

Create your KPIs centrally and share across all your strategies. With these consistent metrics connecting multiple plans across your organisation you can keep departmental heads and leaders aligned and going in the same direction, strategically planning around the same numbers. All your strategies properly joined up for the best chance of overall business success.

Goal information going into several strategies

Quick to understand

See at a glance if performance is going well. With automatic graphs you’ll get a fast, visual indicator of whether your metrics are going in the right direction. Simply confirm whether you’re aiming for an increase or decrease and watch the graphs turn red or green.

Two goal graphs, one going well and one going badly

See it in action

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