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Introducing the Lucidity Partner Program. Your expertise and customers, our platform. A sure-fire recipe for widespread success.

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If your business is growing their business…

we’d love to help you deliver a first-rate strategy service with impressive digital tools. Seriously enhance the way you help your clients and upgrade your own business.

Easily operate online

Use our smart tools to work with clients remotely. Guide their planning and help build their strategies online. Automatically generate polished outputs that are easily shared.

Enhance your service

Increase the value without increasing your effort. Easily go further and deepen your relationships with an end-to-end service that helps them nail the execution and realise results.

Magnifying icon to represent the powerful search and filter functionality in Lucidity strategy software

Easy insight into every client

Easily keep on top of your clients’ progress. One central login gives you access to the strategies and progress of all your clients, together in one place.

Smart tools to build smart strategies

Enhance your strategic consultation and run uniquely engaging sessions with our interactive digital tools. All the models and frameworks you’re used to, brought to life in a way that will surprise you. Effortlessly work remotely and save time and resource with all outputs automatically generated and instantly accessible.

Instant, polished outputs

Save time and effort with automatically generated outputs of all your clients’ work

One Page Plans that never cease to impress

Your clients’ strategic plan, distilled into a simple summary to easily share

A central home for their plans and progress

All their strategic planning, together in one easily accessible place. Logically laid out and simple to navigate.

Artist palette icon to represent the branding, graphics and logos you can add to your strategy with Lucidity strategy software

All with your branding

Look amazing. Look huge. Your branding across the platform for all your clients. A cutting-edge digital look and feel for big and small customers alike.

A selection of different strategy tools; SWOT, Ansoff Matrix and Revenue Segmentation

Take them all the way and nail the execution

Our software can help you go deeper with your clients without stretching you. Build longer term relationships and ongoing revenues in a scalable way by providing an end-to-end service for your clients with our intuitive software. Give them the means to communicate the plan to their people and set them up with the tools to manage the execution and track results.

A list of tasks in a board layout where tasks can be created, deleted and moved between lists

Stay present. Be there. Charge more.

Easily maintain ongoing contact with each and every client. With a message feed built right into your clients’ strategies, you can quickly check in on progress, stay informed and up-to-date and offer commentary, feedback, encouragement and advice. Be a consistent source of guidance and support for all your customers, all at your own convenience and without the travel.

Strategy data going out into a feed and automated emails

Stay informed. Always add value.

Maintain ongoing visibility of your clients’ progress and performance. Always know what’s going on in each business you work with. Save time and effort on everyone’s part with your own fast access to progress tracking. Cut straight to the chase every time you meet and maximise the efficiency of every call. When you always know what’s going on, you can always be ready to advise.

Strategy dashboards

Fast and easy access to up-to-date progress reporting. Configure as you need and go from instant overview to deeper detail in a couple of clicks.

Execution tracking

See overall task completion at a glance or use our powerful search to drill deep into what’s really going on with your team and their customers. Who’s delivering? Who isn’t….

Strategy widgets with data on KPIs and Goals

Manage it all from one place

With our Partner Portal you can quickly and easily switch from client to client and strategy to strategy. One login gives you access to all, saving you time and headaches. And more efficiency here means more time for helping your customers.

A list of consultancy clients

We’re proud to partner with…

Accountancy firms

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A group of consultants

Consultancy groups

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Coaches & Consultants

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Let’s work together and help more companies achieve their best. Your business, our business, their business. Let’s make everyone winners.

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We'll train you on the platform

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Be in the know

You'll be the first to hear about new features

Be invaluable

Guide and support your clients throughout

We get a lot of value out of our partnership with Lucidity. The team are great to work with, extremely collaborative and dedicated to making the partnership work for everyone. Our clients have found their strategic insight first class and it adds a huge amount of value.

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