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Scale faster and more easily using Lucidity

Strategy software for the small but mighty

When you’re lean and ambitious, it’s crucial that you get it right and do it quickly. You don’t have the time or money to get it wrong. Give yourself the best chance of achieving your potential with a smart growth strategy, executed quickly.

Make it easier

Make it easier

Don’t struggle to know what to do. We make it easy to build the right strategy for growth.

Make it faster

Make it faster

Everything focused, streamlined, automated and together. No wasted time, make every moment count.

Make it big

Make it big

Clever plans, clear targets and focused execution driving serious results.

Want to grow?

Focus everyone on what's important

Know what to do and have a clear plan. Don’t wing it and risk wasted effort. Set a solid growth strategy and know exactly where you’re heading and how you’ll get there. We make it simple to work out what you should do to grow your business and build your route map to success.

A strategy tree with objectives, goals and tasks

The right tools for the right answers

Be guided, step-by-step through the right strategic tools to inform your plan.

Two example objectives

Fast start editable templates

Get started with a plan automatically generated based on your ambitions.

Part of an example PESTLE

Loads of examples

See examples from other businesses to help kick-start your thinking.

Stay focused

When you’re lean and agile with a hunger for big growth, everyone needs laser focus to achieve your potential. You’ll all be stretched so you can’t get distracted. Make sure everyone knows the plan, what they’re doing, what difference that makes, and what progress is being made.

Set clear goals

Easily create measurable goals with any target you need.

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Track progress at all times

Pull in data for automatic, on-demand visibility of your performance.

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Define tasks

Easily break your plan down into tasks and checklists to get it done.

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Assign owners

Remove ambiguity with clear ownership and accountability.

A graph with progress against targets
Widgets for goals and KPIs with data coming from Xero and Google Analytics as examples
A timeline of activity
A goal with a clear owner

Know your numbers

We make it easy to track your results at all times. never lose sight of the prize, always know how you’re performing and what traction you’re getting. Overview dashboard, KPI tracker, detailed goal reporting – all made effortless and automatic with integrations that pull your data in.

A series of widgets with data from KPIs and Goals

Impress so they invest

Look good, be clear, show vision and understanding. Instil confidence and show potential investors you’re on it, you have your plan, you know your numbers and you’re being smart about your growth.

Show a clear plan

A strong strategy, clearly laid and out and simple to understand.

Evidence your analysis and thinking

Automatic, professional outputs of all your research and insight.

Show the detail

Firm goals, clear milestones, carefully tracked KPIs.

Look great and stand out

Effortlessly deliver highly professional visuals automatically.

Demonstrate traction

Display meticulously tracked, up-to-date performance data.

A strategy tree with objectives, goals and tasks
Example competitor analysis with a graph breaking down revenue
A list of tasks in an initiative
A graphical output with icons and information about strategic objectives
A series of widgets with data from KPIs and Goals

Get ahead of the pack.

95% of small businesses do not have a strategy. So sorting yours out puts you in the top 5% of small businesses straight away.

Lucidity has been a brilliant platform to support us as an international management team whilst we have driven successful growth in new markets. It's helped us build and execute our strategy and saved us a lot of time and effort.