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Turn your vision into a reality

Making your Vision a Reality

Strategy & Business Planning

Building out and executing a strategic plan has a number of aspects to it. Lucidity has been purposely built to support each of those aspects to help your vision become a reality.

Let's journey from analysis to execution and see how Lucidity supports you all the way

Analysis & Homework

You know.... someone, somewhere needs to do a bit of thinking and a bit of homework before getting into proper planning.


Building out a plan that teams understand and engage with - no one feels energized by spreadsheets. Here's how to do it properly.

Upward graph icon to represent tracking your strategic progress and results in Lucidity strategy software

Targets & Data

Metrics, Targets, OKRs, KPIs? A strategy can have you measuring anything from profitability to plants pots. Lucidity can measure anything. Really.

Megaphone icon to represent communication of your strategic plan with Lucidity

Communication & Engagement

We know from our research that getting people to prioritize the strategically important is the most important.

Clapper board icon to represent taking action and executing your strategy with Lucidity

Nailing the Execution

Helping to build and maintain momentum and consistency. That's critical and we make that easy and take the effort out of it for you.

Strategy Analysis

Access our Tool library to benefit from interactive strategy and planning tools.

To help you with your analysis and homework we've built out a library of 20+ interactive Tools to help you and your teams do some structured thinking.

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We've compiled 100s of examples to help you in your thinking.

Strategy and planning can be quite nebulous to a lot of people. Our early product research showed that providing strategy and planning examples to people, from similar organizations, similar sectors, or similar plans was a bit like switching the lights on. The worlds biggest database of Vision statements? Right here, enjoy.

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Our videos will walk you through what you need to do!

Easy to digest videos to help you - use these by yourself or with your team in a workshop to get them involved and contributing. Our videos will walk you through the key considerations required and help your thinking. Our MasterClass webinars give you really advanced/MBA level insight too.

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We've put together what you need.

Need to grow? Want to diversify? Looking at a Turnaround situation? Or is it a Marketing Strategy you need? We know the thinking and homework that you need to do to tackle particular problems or opportunities. So, we've created those bundles of Tools for you to save you time and give peace of mind. Use the right tools, with great video support and examples and off you go.

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Strategy and Business Planning

Lucidity is supremely flexible and can elegantly support any type of plan.

We've created the most flexible strategy and business planning platform in the world. That means that we can support anything our customers are trying to build and execute. We have customers using us for Organizational Strategy, Marketing Strategy, ESG Strategy, EDI planning, Product Launch Strategy, Market Exit Strategies. You name it, we support it.

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Lucidity works as you do. We fit around you, not the other way around.

However you operate, however you structure your planning, whatever language you use, Lucidity can instantly be set up to mimic those things perfectly. You use OKRs? No problem. Balanced Scorecard? Right here. You do things your way? No problem. Outcomes and Outputs? Takes 2 seconds to set that up. The Marketing team and the Techies want different approaches? Sure thing! You set up Lucidity how you want to use it.

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Everything is drag and drop.

Things change. Priorities, departments, projects, organizations. Lucidity is super flexible and you can move complex strategies or activities around with the click of a mouse and a bit of drag and drop. If only real life were this easy and quick.

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Don't get caught out. You can plan for the ups and the downs.

You know, sometimes things don't go to plan and identifying those risks proactively is an important job. We have specific tools to help you identify threats and problems. You can create, run and report on a full risk register at a high level or right down into the detail. Have owners, score and prioritise risks, create and track mitigation plans. Never get caught out.

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Tracking Business Strategy Metrics & Data

Get a clear view, quickly. Your strategic performance ready whenever you need it.

You can measure and track the progress of anything with Lucidity, and we do mean anything. Set up any metric in your plans and choose from a number of ways to track it.

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Widgets for goals and KPIs with data coming from Xero and Google Analytics as examples

Easily create and manage all your KPIs, OKRs or whatever you want to call them in your Library.

Strategy and business planning for an organization involves a multitude of measures. Create any metric, choose how it's updated and then incorporate that as part of multiple strategies or plans.

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Show progress in meaningful ways.

Engaging your people requires meaningful updates. So in Lucidity we track different activities in different ways - so the updates make sense and people feel infomed, engaged and motivated.

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Data coming in and out of Xero

We connect with 200+ platforms

Never have to chase for an update again. You can always see your up to date data in one place. Ditch all those other dashboards and ignore all the noise. Lucidity sits on the high ground pulling strategically important information into one place.

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Logos of the software products you can integrate with Lucidity strategy software

Communication & Employee Engagement

For you and your teams to see relevant information.

Get a central window on performance for each and every strategy in the business – for your overall company strategy, your US or your UK strategy, or perhaps your Sales & Marketing Strategy. You can always see what’s going on.

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A collection of widgets for KPIs and Goals

Scheduled updates wherever and whenever you want them.

Keep everybody up to date with strategy progress updates pushed out whenever you want. You and your teams can receive them in the channel that works best for them - Teams, Slack and Email.

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Award winning best practice.

We've won awards for best practice - people like to feel engaged and know where they are contributing. So EVERY user of Lucidity has a personal homepage and personal dashboard that automatically provides information just for them.

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Engage and inform your Board, Non-Executives, Managers, Volunteers, Suppliers.

In Lucidity you can set up an Organizational level dashboard showing progress across a range of strategies. You can make this available to different stakeholders to keep everyone informed as you wish.

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Execution & Making things happen!

How to avoid the execution gap?

With our complete strategy management platform, you get a full and flexible task management system built right in. Everything together in one place, from your strategic vision all the way down to individual task checklists. A fully joined-up approach to strategy and execution that will help motivate your teams and drive real results.

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A modal showing the detail of a Task, including the name, owner, latest updates, risk level and due date

Avoid ambiguity - clear ownership is essential for success.

Having clear ownership and accountability is critical when it comes to successful execution of your strategic plan. Clear accountaibility is consistent throughout our platform so that everyone is always clear on what they are responsible for and where they are contributing. This all leads to results being delivered and happy people.

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A goal with a clear owner

Quickly identify slippage and emerging problems.

Keep on top of risk and pre-empt problems with clear red flags about whether a task is on track, at risk or behind. Use our Confidence Levels, Dependencies or Risk functionality to identify problems proactivley. Automatically surface this information in dashboards so everyone can see what the priorities are.

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A list of tasks

Use our Task Management or we integrate with other platforms.

Task Management and execution is a strength of Lucidity. However, if you or specific teams are wedded to certain other task management platforms - that's fine - we integrate with the main platforms and happily co-exisit with them. Lucidity just occupies the high ground and we pull that data in so you can see all your strategically important information in one place.

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