Flexible Task Management

THIS is how you avoid the execution gap

With our complete strategy management platform, you get a full and flexible task management system built right in. Everything together in one place, from your strategic Vision all the way down to individual task checklists. A fully joined-up approach to strategy and execution that will help motivate your teams and drive real results.

Every task counts

We make it simple to keep a laser focus on what’s most important. With our strategic task management system, every single task links back to a core strategic objective. Your team will never lose sight of their contribution to the success of the strategy and the future of the company, and you’ll always know what’s going on across the business as you all work to make your strategy happen.

Clear alignment

With your task management naturally structured around your strategy, you can instantly see all tasks relating to each area of your strategy and effortlessly track progress.

Motivate your people

Your people will easily join the dots from tasks to core strategic objective. Never leave any doubt about how they are contributing.

A tree showing objectives going to goals and to tasks

Detailed and comprehensive

Make sure you have all the detail you need for every task in one place, so you can spend your time and energy making things happen, rather than looking for information.

Give start dates and deadlines

Be clear about when things need to be achieved. Keep everything moving forward with clear dates.

Set owners and followers

Follow tasks for automatic updates and remove ambiguity with clear, accountable owners.

Assign confidence levels

Keep on top of risk and pre-empt problems with clear flags about whether a task is on track, at risk or behind.

Add checklists

Drill down into more detail and add to-do lists against any tasks. Check off each job as you work through.

Write descriptions

Be clear about exactly what the task is and what’s involved so everyone is on the same page and there’s no confusion.

Attach files

Keep everything together, all in one place to save time, effort and frustration trying to find what you need.

Post comments and updates

Quickly add notes and tell everyone what’s happening. Prompt an automatic email to notify task followers and owners.

Highlighting the start and end date of a task
Highlighting the owner and followers of a task
Highlighting the confidence level of a task
Highlighting the checklists of a task
Highlighting the description of a task
Highlighting the file attachments of a task
Highlighting the updates entered of a task

See it all on a timeline

With a one quick click you can switch and view your tasks mapped across a timeline. Perfect for project planning and time management. Easily spot bottlenecks, see when people or teams are overloaded and recognize when there’s available capacity. Maximize the team’s time and get optimal productivity to get to success faster.

drag and drop icon representing the functionality in Lucidity strategy software

Drag and drop

Quick and easy to move tasks around to different dates, extend or shorten their time period.

Filter and search

Drill down and find any tasks for a particular objective, goal, team member, time period, confidence level and more.

A timeline of the different tasks

Custom task boards that make teams happy

We’ll automatically start you off with a task board for every goal and initiative in your strategy plan. Customize them for however you or your teams want to run things. Set up any project, initiative or work stream in its own unique way and let each team work differently, while all working together in one place, for one ultimate strategic purpose.

drag and drop icon to represent the functionality in Lucidity strategy software

Drag and drop

Move your tasks and reorder your columns in moments.

Icon to represent easy to follow strategy templates in Lucidity

Unlimited columns

Sections for anything you need, as many as you need.

A board view of tasks showing lists that can be customized

Powerful search to drill right down

Our super-duper Advanced Search lets you zoom in on the detail and see exactly what’s going on. Get up to speed in moments and check out the latest progress without any hassle. Slice and dice your strategic tasks by any combination of our extensive options. Filter and search to see…

Individual and team performance

Filter by owner and follower to get a view of a team or team member.

Goal and initiative progress

Search for all tasks associated with particular objectives, goals or initiatives to get detail on progress.

What’s done and still to do

Filter by completion status to see what you’ve achieved, and what remains to be done.

What’s at risk

Search by confidence level to quickly see what’s falling behind and get ahead of problems. Look into the future and head things off at the pass!

What’s happening when

Flexibility to get a clear picture for any time period. Everything that Sue is due to start in the next 7 days? Everything that Bob started a month ago? All tasks with a deadline before the end of the month? You got it.

Advanced search of tasks can use owners and followers
Advanced search of tasks can use objectives the task are linked to
Advanced search of tasks can use if they are complete or incomplete
Advanced search of tasks can use confidence levels
Advanced search of tasks can use start and due dates

Automatic notifications and constant visibility

Save yourself time and let us automate all your task notifications, updates and alerts. We gently surface information to you in a number of ways. No more chasing and nagging, no more coordinating.

Alert sign icon to represent problems and issues with your strategy management that Lucidity can highlight to you

Automated email alerts

When a task is assigned to you, when a task you follow is updated, when there’s important changes people need to see.

Updates in your team message feed

Keep progress visible for the whole strategy team to drive momentum and fuel enthusiasm.

Task visibility in the strategy dashboard

See what’s overdue or coming up next, right in your reporting dashboard.

Weekly round-ups

Keep the wider team informed and in the loop with task updates in your automated weekly strategy update email.

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