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All your data coming into one place

All your data coming into one place

Imagine everyone being able to see the same up to date data – a single source of truth, from multiple platforms – all in one place. Heavenly.

Effortless tracking of anything (really!)

Effortless tracking of anything (really!)

With Lucidity you can track and measure anything. And we mean anything. If you want to measure something – we can do it.

Automated communication

Automated communication

It gets better. Your people and teams get organizational or personal progress updates automatically whenever and wherever they like.

We connect with 200+ platforms

Just some of the common favourites that are helping to transform strategy management for our customers.

Whatever you need, however you need it

From quick and easy out-of-the box connections to customized connectivity with our API.

However unique your tech stack is, Lucidity can handle it.


Pull in any data you need from your Xero accounts for fully synced Goal updating, KPI tracking and automatic progress reporting.

With the Xero integration it’s easy to see how our financial KPIs are aligned to our strategic priorities via the dashboards and plan visualizations. It’s made life a lot easier

Helps us track

  • Revenue performance
  • Profitability
  • Cost tracking
  • Multiple P&Ls
  • Automatically updated


Pull in all your Sales, Marketing and Service data to inform your team of progress against all those KPIs in real time

This has transformed how we run things. I no longer have to log in to multiple dashboards, I've got all my sales and marketing progress updated in my strategy. It's completely changed the level of visibility we have as a management team and saves us time.

Helps us track

  • Pipeline growth
  • Revenue achievements
  • Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly goals
  • Contact database growth
  • Marketing KPIs and OKRs


Pull in any data you need from your QuickBooks accounts for fully synced Goal updating, KPI tracking and automatic progress reporting.

Photo of Susie Willis
We are now clear on how we are doing against our goals, using QuickBooks and Lucidity to track our fund-raising performance in the context of our wider strategy. Lucidity has been designed with a complete 360 view and I can't recommend it enough!

Helps us track

  • Income sources
  • Cost tracking
  • Goals and targets
  • Financial categories
  • Automatically updated

Google Analytics

Connect your Lucidity account with Google Analytics to pull all your web analytics and track your digital KPIs and update your goal reporting.

Photo of Dean Smith
It's great being able to pull different types of data from different sources into a strategy dashboard. Lucidity makes it really easy to able to monitor progress and track results from analytics, which is crucial in the e-commerce space.

Helps us track

  • Users & session
  • Conversion points
  • Traffic sources
  • SEO performance
  • Device usage

Oracle Netsuite

Integrate your strategy with a company wide ERP system to really drive results

Purdicom wanted to roll out Lucidity across its management team and all colleagues. With the wide adoption that we have experienced in the roll , it became apparent that we could also use the information at our weekly, monthly and quarterly meetings.This has helped to further increase the adoption across the company and has ensured that we have the right up to date data in the same format all in one place.

Helps us track

  • Any Netsuite data
  • Live company performance metrics
  • Specific Netsuite data based on criteria
  • Netsuite metrics in your Dashboards
  • Any Goals using Netsuite data


Pull in all your Sales, Marketing and Service data to inform your team of progress against all those KPIs in real time

This has been brilliant saving the management team a lot of time and effort now that everything is live in our strategy and dashboard.

Helps us track

  • Income
  • Campaign effectiveness
  • Social media responses
  • Contacts
  • Marketing & Sales KPIs


Align your people and their goals with your strategy. Simple.

Keeping teams and individuals aligned to your strategic priorities is critical to success. Integrating our HR platform with Lucidity has been a game changer in terms of strategic focus and best practice people management. This really helps with our Investor in People Gold achievement.

Helps us track

  • Personal objectives and tasks
  • Individual contribution to strategy
  • Actions from 121's
  • Up to date progress for every individual
  • Personal key results


Connect to 1000's of other systems using Zapier.

Ask us about any of the other 100's of native integrations that we have on the shelf. Or we can create one for you! In additional to our many native integrations we also integrate with 1000's of other platforms that may contain data thats relevant to your strategy using Zapier. So you can pull and push data into the platform to keep you and your teams updated on strategic progress.

Helps us track

  • Any data
  • In 1000's of platforms
  • All in one place
  • Saving you time
  • Saving you energy
  • A single source of truth

Never have to ask or wait for an update

Just tell us where your data is and we'll show you how to pull it in. We love this stuff.