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Integrations with the Lucidity strategy software platform

Surface live data in your strategy & truly embed it in your ecosystem

Strategic goal tracking and reporting

Automatic progress reporting

Easy visibility of your strategy data

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Featured integrations

Some of the current favourites that are helping to transform strategy management for our customers.


Pull in any data you need from your Xero accounts for fully synced Goal updating, KPI tracking and automatic progress reporting.

It was really quick and easy to set up and saves me and the sales team time as we pull in up to date revenue numbers for our different services straight into our strategy and dashboards.

Helps us track

  • Revenue performance
  • Profit & Loss details
  • Cost tracking
  • Multiple P&Ls
  • Automatically updated


Pull in any data you need from your Quickbooks accounts for fully synced Goal updating, KPI tracking and automatic progress reporting.

We are now clear on how we are doing against our goals, using QuickBooks and Lucidity to track our fund-raising performance in the context of our wider strategy. Lucidity has been designed with a complete 360 view and I can't recommend it enough!

Helps us track

  • Income sources
  • Cost tracking
  • Goals and targets
  • Financial categories
  • Automatically updated

Google Analytics

Connect your Lucidity account with Google Analytics to pull all your web analytics and track your digital KPIs and update your goal reporting.

It's great being able to pull different types of data from different sources into a strategy dashboard. Lucidity makes it really easy to able to monitor progress and track results from analytics, which is crucial in the e-commerce space.

Helps us track

  • Users & session
  • Conversion points
  • Traffic sources
  • SEO performance
  • Device usage

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Whatever you need, however you need it

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However unique your tech stack is, Lucidity can handle it.

Custom integrations for Lucidity strategy software

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