We're here to help organizations with important visions make an impact.

Our Why

We’re here to help visions that matter, happen. That’s our purpose.

We want any organization with a passion to make a difference, to realise that and achieve their goals. We are building the tools to empower talented people to make an impact in the world, to get there faster and to be transparent throughout.

Business coach at computer working with more clients remotely with Lucidity strategy software

The Power of Strategy

Having the right plan, well communicated and efficiently executed is the best way to actually make an impact. But too many important visions were falling foul of the execution gap. We recognized all the problems that were preventing strategies from succeeding and we built the tools to overcome them.

Our vision is to take strategy out of the classroom and put it into the hands of people working hard to make a difference. To turn strategy from a nebulous, academic concept into a practical activity for building a vision and delivering impact.

Strategy should be more than points on a PowerPoint, or paragraphs on a pdf. It should be at the heart of everything you do each day. We want to give your strategy a proper home from which great things can happen. To elevate your plan from slides and spreadsheets and let it live.

We want everyone to see their impact and know how they are contributing to the vision. And we want to free these people with important missions, from those manual tasks that drain their time and slow their progress.

Our Story

Our founders are experienced leaders of successful technology businesses, but they are also passionate philanthropists. From founding and running a charity, to mentoring and advising young Tech for Good entrepreneurs.

Armed with their hard-won experience, a belief in the power of strategy, and a desire to make a difference for the better, they set out to build a product that made strategy simple, removed all the barriers to getting it right and would help organizations with important missions fulfil their plans.

They went on to form a team of like-minded leaders and build the best strategy platform in the world. Today we are realizing our mission to help organizations deliver impact.

That’s us. Pleased to meet you.

Our People

Here are our leadership and advisors.

Tom Ricca-McCarthy


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Mike Fahey


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Jenny Zsigo

Head of Product & Customer Success

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Mark Gifford

Chief Technology Officer

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Dr Monica Masucci

Dr. Monica Masucci

Director of MSc in Strategic Innovation Management, University of Sussex Business School

Photo of René Moolenaar

Dr. René Moolenaar

CFO and Senior Lecturer, University of Sussex Business School

Evan Maindonald

Founder & CEO, Melt Homes

Photo of Roger Castle

Roger Castle

CFO at The FD Centre and former Financial Director at Yahoo! Europe

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