We’re on a mission to make strategy simple, so more businesses succeed

Every business should have one. We want to make that happen.

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We exist to….

Easy to use software to make strategy simple

Make strategy easier

Too many people think strategy is nebulous, academic and hard work. We’re here to change that.

Track your growth

Make more companies successful

By making strategy faster and easier we want to help more businesses succeed, no matter the sector or size.

World's best strategy software

Build the world’s best strategy software

A platform that is powerful and flexible, yet gloriously easy to use and loved by all who use it.

Why is Strategy Important?

95% of businesses don't have a clear plan. For those that do have a strategy, only one third of their managers, and about 13% of their sales and service people know what the plan is. Scary stuff. So put yourself ahead of the pack - build a plan, make it happen.

Organizations with a Strategy

  • Automatic strategy dashboards and reportingMake things happen
  • World's best strategy softwareGet results and win awards
  • Clear ownership and accountability for strategic tasksFeel good and are fun
  • Assign owners to your strategic tasksAtttact and develop great people

Organizations without a Strategy

  • strategy software to stop poor engagement with strategyHave things happen to them
  • Underperform and disappear
  • Aren't where you want to be
  • Combat poor strategy developmentYou guessed it....

Yet not enough organizations were doing it right!

Spot task bottlenecks for strategy success

Growth Strategies were being poorly formulated

No time, no expertise, no confidence

strategy software to stop poor engagement with strategy

Strategies weren’t being engaged with

Poorly communicated, difficult to relate to, hard to understand

strategy software that prevents poor strategy management

Growth Strategies weren’t being managed well

Scattered plans, irregular monitoring, no accountability, no momentum

Enter Lucidity…

...and our mission to make strategy simpler, faster, more interesting and well organized.
So, more organizations do it, and do it well.

The difference we make for our customers

We know the barriers to strategic planning are often time, resource, money and confidence.
So, we set out to bash those down.

Save you money

  • On wasted time and effort
  • On missed opportunities
  • On training courses
  • On bad consultation

Save you time

  • Trying to figure out what to do
  • Writing documents and then trying to find them
  • Seeing progress and results
  • Chasing teams for updates

And bring you success!

Our customers are able to build the right strategies, execute them perfectly and achieve their ambitions. And that’s what makes us sleep well.

We’re a bunch of people who like success

For our customers – helping them plan well and drive results. And for ourselves – building the world’s best strategy software and feeling proud of what we’ve achieved.

generous with help and knowledge

We’re generous

with our knowledge, advice, help and support

Focus in on strategic detail

We’re focused

we know our mission and we won’t get distracted

Unlimited strategy management software

We’re motivated

good enough is not good enough

Focus in on strategic detail

We’re detailed

because our customers care about the little things too

Our Founders and Advisors

Tom Ricca-McCarthy, Co-founder Lucidity strategy software

Tom Ricca-McCarthy


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Mike Fahey, Co-founder of Lucidity

Mike Fahey


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Dr Monica Masucci

Dr. Monica Masucci

Director of MSc in Strategic Innovation Management, University of Sussex Business School

Photo of Roger Castle

Roger Castle

CFO at The FD Centre and former Financial Director at Yahoo! Europe

Photo of René Moolenaar

Dr. René Moolenaar

Senior Lecturer, University of Sussex Business School and CFO, Crunch

Evan Maindonald

Founder & CEO, Melt Homes

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