The Worlds Most Flexible Strategy Platform Strategy Dashboards

Engage and inform everyone

Always know what’s going on

Keep on top of progress with instant access to your most up-to-date results. Get a broad view of performance all in one place, with data pulled from across the business. Never before have you had such clarity on the performance of your strategy.

Always up to date

Integrated and automated to save you hours

All your important strategic data pulled together so you can effortlessly stay informed. No more scrabbling around for data, looking in different systems, chasing people for their numbers. Integrate with your business systems with a couple of clicks and have all your results in one place and always up-to-date.

Different icons representing integrations on systems like Xero or Google Analytics

Multiple Dashboards

Different views for different people

Let the CEO set the Organisational Level Dashboard for the board, all employees and other stakeholders. And let the team set the Dashboard for the strategy they are working on. And how about every individual having their own Strategy Dashboard to look at exactly what they personally want to track. With Lucidity you can set all of that up in seconds.

Engage & Inform Every Individual

Personal Homepage

Good Morning You! Engaging employees was difficult until we gave everyone their Personal Homepage. Now everyone can see what they are personally involved in, giving or receiving strategy updates – all in a single place. Time saving bliss.

Just a sample of Dashboard updates...

A list of goals at different % levels

Overall strategy progress

A graph of history from a goal

All your goals and targets


Key Risks

Data showing from Xero and Google Analytics

Any KPI or OKR

Reporting tools that make it crystal clear

Easy to set up, simple to understand. Powerful, yet wonderfully uncomplicated. All our tracking and reporting tools are designed to give clear and uncluttered views of your most important results.

Strategy dashboard

Configure your own views, choose the goals you want to track, see upcoming tasks and get quick links to take you into the detail.

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Goal reports

See results quickly with clear graphs, track progress milestones, record update history and track your task completion.

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KPI tracker

Create KPIs, sync with your existing systems, associate them with goals and get fast indicators of performance with clear graphs.

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A dashboard of different widgets showing example data and progress from goals
Goal graphs and progress
Goal data coming in from Xero and Google Analytics
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Without Lucidity we'd still be persevering with spreadsheets and Powerpoint. But now we have a powerful tool with everything in one place and we can easily track results.

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