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You have the skills as the senior team, now combine it with easy-to-use software that makes it super simple to work together and build a winning strategy.

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A strategy tree with objectives, goals and tasks

When your top team work together, magic can happen

Our powerful platform helps CEOs and business leaders work with their senior management teams to build great company strategies. We make it easier and faster to work together and get it right – no friction, no headaches.

Smooth collaboration

Seamlessly and successfully work together with easy-to-use tools that make planning effortless and the process enjoyable.

Frictionless planning

Your whole plan in one consistent place, with everyone’s contribution in the same format for true cohesion and fast progress.

Megaphone icon to represent communication of your strategic plan with Lucidity

Easy communication

Everything you need to take your plan to your people in a consistent way, so each team is informed, excited and ready to roll.

Bring out the best in your leadership team

Make the most of the talent in your senior team. Sometimes it’s a struggle to get busy leaders to engage equally in formulating and executing the company strategy. We help businesses break those vicious cycles and finally get everyone on the same page, working together on the most important thing in the business. With a central software tool built for easy collaboration, senior leadership teams happily work together, keeping things simple, clear and structured.

Put strategy at the top of your to-do lists

Everyone is busy. Finding the time to focus on strategy is hard. We make it all faster, easier and more interesting, so senior leaders make the space and look forward to it. When strategic planning is smooth and frictionless there’s no temptation to knock it down the list. Elevate your strategy with our easy-to-use software and you’ll achieve your ambitions faster.

Make it clearer, make it faster

Nothing kills strategic planning faster than inaccessible files and folders. Don’t waste another minute of leadership time and effort searching for spreadsheets – put your strategy in one central place that’s easy to find, and fast to understand. Everything you guys need to know, always accessible and always clear. Go from your overall Vision, right down to goal data and task details, all in just a few clicks.

A goal graph showing progress against a target

All executing together, in the same way

We make it super simple to function as one awesome execution team, with each member working consistently in one coherent place. Everyone’s progress reporting and information together and presented in the same way for instant clarity and no wasted time. Each leader can share their updates quickly and clearly. It’s a CEO’s dream – all info from across the business presenting in the same way, in the same place.

Easily inform and engage your stakeholders

Once your plan is built, we make it fast and easy to communicate it out to everyone who needs to know. From your people to your partners, the Board to shareholders. Whichever leader is presenting and whoever they’re presenting to, our tools speed it up with all your communication efforts automated and professional.

Present the plan

Automated visuals of the strategy ready to show

Show the progress

Fast and accessible strategy dashboards and progress reports

Highlight everyone’s contribution

Clear path from every task up to the core strategic objectives

A graphical output with icons and information about strategic objectives

A flying start, whichever CxO you are

With your strategy built in Lucidity, every senior leader has what they need to get their area of the business delivering against the big plan. No matter what department you run, you’ll have the direction set and the tools ready to run your task management and execute the strategy. You can set up your own departmental strategy, mirroring the same structure, sync with the same overall KPIs and run a well-oiled machine alongside the company plan.

A list of strategies a company may have; Company Strategy, Marketing Strategy, US Entry Strategy

We built Lucidity for Leadership Teams who…

  • Tedious, time-consuming admin around strategic planning
  • Wasting valuable time searching for strategy docs
  • Chasing or being chased for strategy updates
  • Manually pulling together progress reports
  • Having updates and info in different formats from different areas of the business
A clean and well structured tree of objectives going to goals
  • An easy way to collaborate online to build the strategy
  • Fast access to all their strategic planning work
  • Effortless ways to present a polished plan to the rest of the business
  • Consistent presentation of progress from across the business
  • Joined-up execution management from each senior leader

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