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Helping Finance Teams Play More of a Role in Strategy

Helping Finance Teams Play a Bigger Role in Strategy

We have the tools you need to get your strategy right, keep it organized and save yourself bundles of time.

Finance leaders make awesome strategy leaders

We can help you shine. Your skills and strengths, plus our tools and platform make for a highly organized, best-practice fueled match made in heaven.

Deliver the best strategy approach for the business

Easy to implement, simple to follow, well organized and frictionless.

Set measurable objectives and detailed goals for everyone

Advanced best practice target setting, from goals to KPIs, with flexible measures, milestones and in-built progress reporting.

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Organize it all and manage the execution

Easily allocate resource, spot bottlenecks and ensure focus and accountability.

Meticulously monitor and report

Use the right system for always-on visibility of progress in the most efficient way.

Track the results
Objectives leading to Goals in a tree
Goals showing progress towards a target
A timeline of different tasks in a calendar
A collection of strategy widgets showing KPI and Goal data
As a CFO heavily involved in company strategy, Lucidity supports the complete strategy development process. Whether doing an internal or external analysis, developing and evaluating strategic options or monitoring progress, the online platform is brilliant and easy to use.

We integrate with many, many finance systems

At the last count it was 32 different finance systems, in fact. Connect Lucidity with your finance system and say goodbye to manual updating and progress reporting. Pull in live data and everyone can see the important performance statistics at any time.

Automatic reports, sent straight to your stakeholders

From regular updates to full Board reports, all created at the click of a button and automatically sent to whoever needs to see them, whenever they need to see it – email, Teams or Slack at 09:30 every Tuesday? No problem.

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Driving Strategy as a Finance Leader

We delivered a talk at the Finance Leaders Summit on how Finance Leaders can and should contribute more to their organisational strategy. Take some time to watch this webinar and take on board some of those key learning points for you and your Finance Team.

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