The World's Most Flexible Strategy Platform Dashboards and Reporting

Optimize team connectivity and engagement

Powerful visualizations of your strategic plans and progress

Create compelling dashboards and surface information from a whole range or strategies and activities, presenting everything going on across your organization instantly in one place. Pull in key data and insights to provide a full view of everything you need. Leverage for engagement with internal and external stakeholders, whether it’s creating personal views for each employee or presenting progress on strategic objectives to partners, Lucidity provides communication tools which provide ultimate clarity on the performance of your strategy.

Always up to date

Keep everyone informed automatically

All of your important strategic information and data pulled together so you can keep teams effortlessly informed. No more scrabbling around for data, looking in different systems, chasing people for their numbers. Integrate with your business systems with a couple of clicks and have all your results in one place and always up-to-date.

Widgets for goals and KPIs with data coming from Xero and Google Analytics as examples

Customized for you

A dashboard for every strategy. And every person.

Get a central window on the performance for each and every strategy in the business and even down to the individual with a personal dashboard. Display the most relevant and important metrics for a specific project, team, or organization. Lucidity has the flexibility to set it up however you want it.

..and a Personal Homepage

Good Morning You! Engaging employees was difficult until we gave everyone their Personal Homepage. Now everyone can see what they are personally involved in, giving or receiving strategy updates and all in a single place. Time saving bliss.

Enhanced communication

Perfect for stakeholder engagement

Use as a common platform to keep everyone in the loop and discuss progress. Show progress to investors give everyone a shared medium to understand complex information in a visually compelling way. Upgrade meetings instead of pulling up spreadsheets and cross-referencing with PowerPoints.Tell compelling stories

Track everything

Dashboard powered performance monitoring

Accurate picture of how your strategies are progressing. Blend across data sources and intelligence to combine and provide a full view. Unlock insights monitor execution. Compare to goals and targets.

Goal graphs and progress

Actionable insights

Faster decision-making

Actionable insights at your fingertips drive smarter choices. Performance trends, identify and mitigate risks managing dynamic projects and situations with up-to-date information. Decision makers can rely on as it brings everything relevant and needed to make decisions. Data driven decisions.

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You'll love Lucidity if you want to

Provide visibility for your strategies

Whoever you want can access and see strategic plans from anywhere.

Boost communication tools

Tell compelling stories and show progress in meaningful ways.

Make informed, data-driven decisions

See all your data in one place, allowing you to easily monitoring trends and identify risks and opportunities.

Just a sample of dashboard updates...

A list of goals at different % levels

Overall strategy progress

A graph of history from a goal

All your goals and targets

Key Risks

Data showing from Xero and Google Analytics

Any KPI or OKR

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"Without Lucidity we'd still be persevering with spreadsheets and Powerpoint. But now we have a powerful tool with everything in one place and we can easily track results."

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