The Worlds Most Flexible Strategy Platform Strategy Dashboards

Engage and Motivate Everyone

Never have to chase for an update again

With information being surfaced from a whole range or strategies and activities, you can see everything going on across your organisation instantly in one place

Always up to date

Integrated and automated to save you hours

All your important strategic data pulled together so you can effortlessly stay informed. No more scrabbling around for data, looking in different systems, chasing people for their numbers. Integrate with your business systems with a couple of clicks and have all your results in one place and always up-to-date.

Widgets for goals and KPIs with data coming from Xero and Google Analytics as examples

Engage Everyone.

A Dashboard for every strategy. And every person.

Get a central window on performance for each and every strategy in the business – for your overall company strategy, your US or your UK strategy, or perhaps your Sales and Marketing Strategy. And down to the individual – a Personal Dashboard they can set up to track whatever they are involved or interested in.

..and a Personal Homepage

Good Morning You! Engaging employees was difficult until we gave everyone their Personal Homepage. Now everyone can see what they are personally involved in, giving or receiving strategy updates – all in a single place. Time saving bliss.

Monitor execution

Whether you are using our Task Managemnet or another platform – you can track any level to execution that you need to.

Photo of Matthew Owen
"Without Lucidity we'd still be persevering with spreadsheets and Powerpoint. But now we have a powerful tool with everything in one place and we can easily track results."

Come and see

We'll show you real dashboards, built for different needs, with a range of data from multiple sources, so you can envisage your own dashboards showing your own success.