Strategy Dashboards

Get a clear view, quickly. Your strategic performance and progress clearly laid out and ready whenever you need it.

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Your window on the wins

Get a fast visualisation of your strategy performance with configurable dashboards.

Computer screen with graphs icon to represent the Lucidity strategy dashboards

Easy visibility…

The most important updates and results for your strategy, viewable on-demand.

In less time….

Set your dashboard up once and get straight to the data you need every time.

lightbulb icon to present the strategy examples in Lucidity that will help spark ideas

For quick decision making…

All the intelligence you need at your fingers, to make solid strategic choices for growth.

A dashboard for every strategy

Get a central window on performance for each and every strategy in the business – for your overall company strategy, your US or your UK strategy, or perhaps your Sales & Marketing Strategy. You can always see what’s going on.

A selection of example strategy widgets showing data in different forms

Exactly what you need to see

Configure your dashboard to surface what’s most important to you or your teams. See the goals and results that are most crucial to success, need the closest monitoring or are of particular interest. And update your configuration whenever priorities change, or the focus needs to shift, at the click of a button.

A graph from a goal

Flexible goal reporting

Pull as many of your strategic goals into your dashboard as you want, in different ways. From a focused view on a select few, to a complete overview of them all. From quick links that open full reports, to prominent graphs right on your dashboard for all to see.

A selection of different widgets showing strategy data

Monitor execution

Stay on top of your strategic execution with constant visibility of task priorities.
Get a heads up on the upcoming deadlines and see what jobs need to be completed next. Have overdue tasks flagged directly in your dashboard so you can spot problems, act fast and keep moving forward.

A list of tasks and a widget showing how many are complete

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