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A great strategy is built on the right foundations. To clear your vision, get your strategy right and create your objectives, you need to do some homework to work out exactly what you need to do to succeed. Our interactive strategy tools will give you that understanding and insight in an effortless way. Whether its company analysis such as setting out your company vision and completing our Porter's Generic Strategy tool, or doing some finance homework with out Strategic Cost Reduction tool, we've got you covered.

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Tools for every job

Whatever strategic decision you have to make, we have the tool to guide your thinking and get it right. Tools for every team and every task – from SWOT to DESTEP, from Persona Analysis to Competitor Analysis, Academic models to commercial frameworks. We have over 20 tools in our library and our expansive range is growing all the time!

Company values being fed into a SWOT Analysis

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Follow our suggestions or build your own program

Tell us your ambitions and we’ll suggest a series of tools for you to work through, so you can be sure you’re getting the right insights to power your plan. Add or remove tools from your list, reorder them, or create your own process from scratch with our full library of tools. See examples of completed analysis from different businesses across different industries to kick-start your thinking and spark ideas.

A list of strategic tools in Lucidity

Central tool for engagement

Easily collaborate and enjoy the process

Ditch the flip charts and post it notes and transform your workshops. Bring your team together – physically or virtually – and work through the tools on screen. Stop and start whenever you need to with progress clearly flagged and your work automatically saved. All your analysis and thinking effortlessly displayed so you can revisit and refine with quick and easy editing.

Porter's Five Forces being edited

Clear and concise insights

Power your strategic decision making

The outputs of our analysis tools will help you to prioritize issues that need to be addressed. Set realistic goals by understanding the internal and external factors for your organization which will inform decision making. Even after your strategy is built, you can use these tools to refine your plan, check decisions, adjust for changes and develop your next strategic plan.

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Automatic visuals for your stakeholders

Save hours translating white board scribbles into coherent summaries or slide decks. Just click for instant, automatic visuals of all your strategic analysis and outputs. Easily share the report internally with team members or externally with stakeholders. Our visuals make it easy for anyone to understand complex strategic analysis.

A competitive analysis graph showing example different company revenues

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Just a sample of our tool library...

Company Word Cloud

Company analysis

External analysis

Grand Strategy Matrix

Generic analysis

Departmental analysis

As a CFO heavily involved in company strategy, Lucidity supports the complete strategy development process. Whether doing an internal or external analysis, developing and evaluating strategic options or monitoring progress, the online platform is brilliant and easy to use.

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