Persona Video Guide

A video guide to developing buyer or user personas to help drive your marketing, product and company strategies… 👥

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The Persona video playing on a laptop

Persona Analysis is an exercise in understanding your ideal buyer and/or user and is one of the most fundamental pieces of analysis you need to do before building your marketing or product strategy.

In this video guide we’ll give you a rundown of everything you need to know to create your own buyer or user personas and help everyone in your business understand who they are attempting to attract, create products for, and service.

Personas are semi-fictional, generalized profiles that you create to represent your ideal buyer or the users of your product. Building personas will help you uncover important insights into the motivations and drivers of your target customers. These profiles bring your target customers to life, helping the people in your organization understand their aims and goals, their pain points and challenges.

When everyone in the business understands what makes your customers tick, you’ll be on the right path to offer a truly valuable service or solution. So watch the video then share it around!

If you want to read more on creating your own personas, check out our Ultimate Guide to Personas.

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