SWOT Analysis Video Guide

A video tutorial on how to complete a SWOT Analysis… 📹

1 min read

Cinema Audience

There are many articles to help you with your SWOT Analysis, whether that’s a general introduction to SWOT, a step by step approach of completing SWOT, or even an ultimate guide to SWOT with examples, toolkits and more.

Sometimes though it’s easier to kickback and watch a video and, while it’s no Netflix special, this SWOT Analysis tutorial will cover a huge amount in just a couple of minutes.

Contents of the video:

  • Definition of a SWOT Analysis
  • A breakdown of the 2×2 matrix used
  • Aspects you should consider when you’re about to complete a SWOT
  • Tips, advice, and examples
  • Explanation of refinement within SWOT

Download the SWOT Analysis Handbook

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