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Lucidity is a strategy platform used by organizations to build, communicate, execute and track their corporate plans.

We help leaders bring their strategy to life, lifting them out of static documents, buried away in files and folders, and creating a dynamic plan that’s always accessible and up-to-date.

Lucidity is transforming how people are engaging with strategy, aligning their teams and avoiding the execution gap.

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Formulate a plan

Be guided through simple modules expertly created to help you build the right plan for your business. With tried and tested tools, real-life strategy examples and intelligent suggestions, Lucidity takes the pain out of strategic planning.

Tailored strategy templates

Choose from specially designed, pre-set strategy templates – from Faster Growth to Cost Reduction - or build your own strategy framework from a library of interactive planning tools and models

Strategy Tools to craft your plan

Complete each module with the help of short video tutorials, easily answering questions and following simple steps

lightbulb icon to present the strategy examples in Lucidity that will help spark ideas

Packed with examples

Click to see real-world examples from numerous industries at each stage of the process - SWOTs, PESTLEs, mission and vision statements and more

Strategic Objective & Goal Builder

Then let us show you how to turn that strategic insight into a set of actionable strategic objectives, goals and initiatives

A SWOT, Ansoff Matrix and Revenue Segmentation graph

Communicate it clearly

Now sing it from the rooftops! Make sure everyone in your company knows the plan and is behind it. Keep them engaged and in the loop with highly engaging, effortless communications.

Artist palette icon to represent the branding, graphics and logos you can add to your strategy with Lucidity strategy software

Automatic visuals

Automatically create captivating visuals of your strategic plan and download with one simple click

Strategy message feed

Share the plan, message the team and have everyone post, comment and share with a company-wide communication feed

Email icon to represent the email alerts sent from Lucidity strategy software to keep everyone updated and informed

Automated updates

Keep up to date with progress and your teams fully informed with automated updates straight to your inbox

Strategy data going out into a feed and automated emails

Nail the execution

It’s time for action. Lucidity makes it easy to turn a strategic plan into actionable objectives, tasks and checklists. Our task management tools mean every task has an owner and every owner is well organized. With everyone’s to-do lists in one place, progress is simple to track, and momentum is easy to maintain.

Clipboard with graph icon to represent tracking your strategic progress and results with Lucidity

Reporting dashboards

Get a clear view of ongoing progress with our overview dashboard

Clapper board icon to represent taking action and executing your strategy with Lucidity

Strategic task management

Easily allocate tasks to team members, set deadlines and keep things moving with automatic reminders

Icon of person being picked out to represent the clear accountability that Lucidity can bring when managing your strategy execution

Clear ownership and accountability

Have task owners drill down to checklists, add attachments and enter updates

Flexible task views

See your whole plan with flexible list, board or timeline viewing options

A collection of widgets for KPIs and Goals
Richard Essex Jobiqo Lucidity customer
Lucidity keeps our plan clearly defined, in one central place for anyone to see. The visuals are excellent, the workflow logical and the support is impeccable. It keeps the strategy on track, dynamic and interesting. I can easily share it with employees, new recruits, senior management and investors.

The smartest strategy platform for the smartest strategy plans

lightbulb icon to represent the strategy suggestions, templates and examples in Lucidity that help spark your ideas

Always innovating

We’re all about innovation and our platform is regularly developing, with new features and releases included as part of the service.

Seamlessly integrating

We increasingly integrate with other systems you may use in your business to save you time and show the bigger picture.

Taking security seriously

The Lucidity Strategy Platform is GDPR compliant and uses bank-grade security throughout. You’re in safe hands.

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