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The smartest way to create your strategy

Step-by-step strategy software

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A step-by-step process with clear help and guidance.

Expert strategy guidance and best practice

Get it right

Based on tried and tested best practice and strategic expertise.

Hitting strategic targets

Set up for success

Easily take your plan through to execution and results.

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Don’t worry about where to start. Answer a few basic questions and we’ll kick things off for you, with a strategy plan based on your ambitions, your industry and your business.

Stage one in Lucidity strategy software onboarding is to select your industry

1Tell us what kind of business you are

Step 2 in Lucidity strategy software onboarding is answering simple questions about your business

2Answer a few questions relevant to your industry

Final stage of Lucidity onboarding is a suggested strategy plan automatically generated

3💥 An instant strategy plan to get you started

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Conduct expert analysis the easy way

Work through our interactive strategy tools to make sure you ask the right questions, find the right answers and make the best decisions. With the most helpful and expansive set of strategic models and frameworks of any strategy software, you’ll have the precise tool to help you figure out what to do.

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An empty SWOT and a completed SWOT
A list of tools; external analysis, revenue segmentation and strategic options

Work through a tailored program

We’ll suggest a selection of tools, based on what you want to achieve

A form for entering economic factors in a PESTLE

Follow simple steps and answer questions

Just fill out your answers and click through

A form entering technical factors in a PESTLE

Refine and revisit as a team

All your work, clearly laid out and easily editable

An example external analysis tool completed

Download outputs

Automatically generate good looking visuals of all your work

Create clear objectives & measurable goals

Put the PLAN into strategy plan and turn all your insight and decisions into a series of objectives and goals.

Templates to help build strategic objectives

Use templates or create from scratch

Be guided by our suggestions or build your own objectives and goals

Set strategic goals and targets

Set whatever targets you need

Goals or initiatives, KPIs or OKRs – full flexibility to measure anything

Track your growth

Automatic tracking for fast visibility

Pull in data from other systems and see progress whatever you need to

One goal expanded out of a tree of objectives and goals to show a graph

Help and guidance at every stage

Never get stuck. You’re never more than a click away from hints, tips, explanations and examples.

Strategy examples to spark ideas

Real-world examples

1000s of examples from different businesses and multiple industries, just click to see whenever you need inspiration

Strategy help video tutorials

Video tutorials

Quick overview videos to explain all the tools and each stage of the strategic planning process

Strategic help and advice

Help tips

There’s nothing you won’t understand thanks to instant explanations wherever you need them

Strategy article and resources

Advice and resources

Access a wealth of free resources, regular guides, webinars and more

Company values and a video on SWOT

Easily collaborate and enjoy the process

Strategy should be exciting; you’re building a future for your business. So, get fired up with a system that will make you smile. Build your plan with your team, no matter where you all are, and effortlessly collaborate with one central home for all your strategy work. Everyone has access to everything and it’s all up-to-date. Watch your plan form as you collaborate – sit back and be proud of what you’ve built together.

People collaborating remotely on their strategic planning using Lucidity software
Mark Flenley Lucidity customer
Lucidity's simplicity is what keeps our strategy alive. The platform is easy to use, fully interactive and extremely accessible. Its usability means our strategy plan is a living entity that the whole staff can contribute to and collaborate on.

Once you’ve built your plan in Lucidity, you’re ready to showcase it…

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