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Transform the way your people engage with your strategy

Put it where people can find it

One central home for everything strategic, easy to access, not buried in files and folders.

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Make it clear and engaging

A super logical layout and great graphics from automated tools that save you time.

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Keep everyone informed and excited

Built-in communication tools to get everyone contributing to results.

Your whole plan, easily accessible and always up-to-date

An instant-access home for your strategy. One single place to invite the team and see the plan. No more wasted time digging through files or scrambling around for updates. Be confident everyone is looking at the same plan and the right version.

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Logically laid out and easy to understand

Ensure everyone understands the strategy with a well-structured, logical layout. No complicated and boring spreadsheets in sight, just clean and clear visuals – whether they need an easy to understand overview or a deeper dig into the detail.

A tree showing example strategic objectives and goals under it

Effortlessly brought to life with automated visuals

Automatically create captivating visuals of your strategy that you can download in an instant. Present your plan in a memorable way without any extra time or resource. From a great looking one-page summary of the strategy, to highly visual outputs of all your tools and analysis.

Output of a strategic objective with a list of goals under each one

Keep everyone engaged and in the loop

With built-in communication tools it’s easy to keep your teams switched onto the plan and the strategy fresh in their minds. Inform and excite with automated updates and invite comment and discussion with an integrated message feed.

Regular strategy updates

Get your update where you want them

Super flexible scheduling

Get your updates when you want them

Choose your format

Get your updates how you want them

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We work with lots of Investors and being able to articulate and communicate our strategy to others is critical. Lucidity makes that really easy.

Once people know the plan, it’s time to build out the execution and show everyone how they contribute...

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