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Remove the gap between strategy planning and strategy execution

Use the right tool for the job with task management structured around your strategy plan

global icon to represent the global view of your entire strategy using Lucidity

Get a complete view, from vision to tasks

From overall strategic objectives to individual tasks and checklists.

Icon of person being picked out to represent the clear accountability that Lucidity can bring when managing your strategy execution

Have clear accountability for fast progress

Make it clear who is doing what, by when and keep progress visible.

Alert sign icon to represent problems and issues with your strategy management that Lucidity can highlight to you

See bottlenecks, stop problems

Easily avoid failure with an overarching view of every strategic task in the business.

Get a complete view

If you’re serious about your strategy, use a system built for the job. Don’t have your strategy plan in one place, and your task management in another. Keep it all together, joined up and seamless – no gaps, no friction. A truly complete view from your overall Vision right the way through to detailed tasks and checklists, all in a single strategy management platform.

A tree of objectives to goals to tasks

Execution = Aligning your people to the tasks at hand

Show everyone exactly how they contribute to the future of the business with all tasks linked back to your goals and up to your strategic objectives. There’s no better way of keeping everyone motivated, engaged and driving forward.

A modal showing the detail of a Task, including the name, owner, latest updates, risk level and due date

Clear ownership, everyone working to plan

Assign owners, set deadlines, targets and KPIs. Then easily stay on top of progress and create focus and momentum with consistent visibility, automated updates and progress reporting at a glance.

Automated task reminders

Alerts and notifications in your inbox, overview dashboard and message feed

target icon to represent setting goals and targets in Lucidity strategy software

Powerful search and filters

Quickly zoom in on what’s happening with anyone or anything

Task following

Stay up-to-date with progress and follow specific tasks for automatic updates

A task showing the properties of owner, confidence level, start date, due date and followers

Easy adoption across all your teams

Give your people a system they’ll love and your strategy the best chance of success. Wonderfully usable and helpfully logical. Detailed and flexible to meet all your needs, yet simple enough for effortless use.

Adjusts to the way you work

Flexible and adaptable so every team and team member can work how they want to work. From customisable task boards to lists and timelines. Filter, search and view things however you choose. Whatever your personal preference or team approach, we’ve got you covered. Working differently doesn’t mean working apart – enjoy different approaches in the same system, all driving towards the same overall strategy.

A board view of tasks showing the flexibility to create different boards, moving tasks between them.

We fit right in

Lucidity has a full task management system for hassle free operations. But if your or some of your teams are wedded to another task management platform, thats fine as we integrate with the main platforms. Lucidity sits on the high ground and pulls data in so everything is synched and always up to date.

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We completely pivoted the business from being distressed to a successful exit in only 18 months. We nailed it with Lucidity.

Now sit back and watch the fruits of your labor.

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