Porter’s Five Forces Video Guide

A quick-fire video on the Five Forces framework to help assess the profitability of a market…🍿

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A group of people watching the Five Forces video on a laptop

Porter’s Five Forces is a great framework to establish the potential profitability of your market. It looks at the different forces that’ll impact you as you focus on your growth, from buyers and suppliers, to new entrants and substitutions, and wrapping up with the wider competitive environment.

You can find out more about this framework in our Ultimate Guide to Five Forces but, in you’re more video inclined, then we’ve also put together this quick video guide. So if you’re interested in learning about Five Forces within a matter of minutes, or you’ve completed Netflix and want some sofa entertainment (we won’t judge) then check out the below…

In some ways, Five Forces completes the trilogy of classic frameworks, as when combined with SWOT and PESTLE it provides a solid base of analysis for you to make strategic decisions.

Porters Five Forces Interactive Tool in Lucidity Strategy Software

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