How to do Strategic Cost Reduction

Cost reduction may feel inevitable depending on your circumstances, but there are different degrees โ€“ from saving 10% in order to drive up profits, to being in distress and needing to cut 80% of your expenditure.

Whatever your circumstances, we can help you understand how to approach cost reduction, build a strategy thatโ€™s right for your business and manage that through to execution.

In this webinar experienced FD Roger Castle (ex Yahoo!) joins Lucidity Co-founder Mike Fahey to show how other businesses have approached strategic cost reduction, providing insight, advice and tips along the way.

In this webinar youโ€™ll learn about:

  • Learn how other businesses are handling their costs in the current climate
  • Establish how to set your strategy
  • Learn from a prominent CFO who has led aggressive double-digit growth for numerous startup technology companies
  • Understand, step-by-step, how to approach cost reduction and determine which costs to cut
  • Learn from a number of practical examples from real businesses
  • Discover how to execute a cost reduction strategy and deliver the saving youโ€™ve planned for
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Our experts:

Photo of Roger Castle

Roger Castle

Experienced CFO / FD

Roger is a commercially skilled, strategic thinking Finance Director, with significant experience in managing finance in high growth environments. He led, with the MD and senior leadership teams, aggressive double-digit revenue growth in several newly established and start-up technology companies over the last twenty years.

Mike Fahey

Co-Founder, Lucidity

Mike is the Co-Founder of Lucidity, a strategy management software platform used by businesses to identify & plan strategic goals, execute their strategy and track results. Mike is an experienced strategy practitioner with a solid academic grounding (MSc in Artificial Intelligence and an MBA), alongside many years leading and driving considerable growth in SaaS businesses both in the UK and the US. Mike has held senior positions leading Product, Business Development and International Expansion strategies throughout his career.