Growth Tactics for Market Penetration

In this guide we’ll look briefly at four different strategic options, and then focus in on one – Market Penetration. No matter which strategy you ultimately decide is right for the future of your business – be it fully diversifying or attempting to enter a new market – the tactics outlined in this guide should always be your starting point.

The campaigns and revenue driving initiatives we map out can not only sure up your business in their own right, but they can also provide the investment needed to undertake the other strategic options involving new products, services or markets.

Of course, no matter what the global circumstances, businesses will always have times when they need an extra drive to bring in revenue. So whenever you read this, you’ll find the tactics outlined in this guide useful ideas to boost your performance.

In this eBook you’ll learn about:

  • Market Penetration strategy, within the Ansoff Matrix of possible strategic options
  • Key tactics & campaigns to drive growth into your existing market and increase revenue
  • New ideas for sales activity of your existing product or service
  • A unique sector recovery planning tool to help you identify who to target in the current climate
Growth Tactics for Market Penetration Covershot

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