Competitive Strategies – which one to follow and how to compete!

Gain invaluable insights into the main competitive strategies your organization can follow to succeed in your markets. With a focus on Porter’s generic strategies, including cost leadership, differentiation, and niche focus, you’ll learn how to identify new opportunities and risks that may be impacting your bottom line. By understanding these key strategies, you’ll be better prepared to compete in today’s marketplace, and gain a lasting competitive edge over your rivals.

You will learn about:

  • Understand & Explore - Understand competative strategies in some detail, looking at the underlying requirements, opportunities, and risks of each strategy
  • Leverage Examples - Improve your knowledge of which strategies are best suited to which organizations by using a number of interesting examples of businesses that follow each strategy
  • Compete & Survive - Discuss competitive approaches that can help you compete or survive more effectively in your markets
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Our Expert Speakers:

Photo of René Moolenaar

Dr René Moolenaar

Associate Professor/Senior Lecturer in Strategy and Board Advisor

Dr René Moolenaar is a highly experienced CFO, board advisor and prominent academic in the field of strategy. His experience ranges from engineering and manufacturing, media, professional services, education and property.

Tom Ricca-McCarthy

CEO - Get Lucidity

Tom is an experienced CEO. He has achieved recognition in The Times SME Fastrack for International Growth and 4 years in the Times Top 100 SMEs. He is a non-executive at a number of businesses and a Mentor at a growth fund advising early stage technology businesses in the environmental, health and social sectors. He is also a published author with Oxford University Press.