Managing Your Strategy to get Results Webinar

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Looking at the Human Side of Strategy


April 27, 2023


2:00 PM BST

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Offsites, Boards and Management Teams

Are you a leader in need of guidance for successful strategy planning? This webinar is designed for you! Explore the human side of strategy and learn vital techniques for leading offsites, boards, and management meetings. Discover how to identify key players in your organization and make sound decisions that move your plan forward. With this webinar, you will gain the insight needed to drive business success and long-term growth. Join us today and start unlocking the secrets of success!

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Strategy Offsites

How do you best (and badly) organize an offsite strategy session for the team. What do you need to do afterwards to get engagement?

Boards and Management Teams

What’s the role of the board in terms of strategy and how do management teams and boards best (and badly) interact?

Ongoing Strategy Management

Any plan is meaningless unless the teams understand it, engage with it and feel excited by it. How do you manage this over a long period of time?

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Cultivate successful offsites, boards and management practices that will stimulate growth and bring dynamic progress in a professional manner.