Objectives & Goal Builder

Objective and goal management tools to build and track what’s most important, quickly

Expert guidance

Expert guidance

Videos tutorials, tips, examples and suggestions – helping you set objectives and goals in line with best practice.

Infinite flexibility

Infinite flexibility

Measure anything, set any target, or have no target at all. Whatever you need to achieve and track, you can.

Effortless tracking

Effortless tracking

Connect your goals with powerful integrations and pull in data to automatically track progress and results.

Create strategic objectives

We make it super simple to build the core pillars of your strategy. We’ll show you examples, explain best practice and even help jazz them up. You’ll have a set of powerful, memorable strategic objectives before you know it.

Video icon to represent the strategy video tutorials in Lucidity

Guidance and tutorials

Videos and advice to help you easily understand best practice.

lightbulb icon to represent the strategy suggestions, templates and examples in Lucidity that help spark your ideas

Suggested objectives

Quickly get started and save time with objectives and ideas tailored to you.

Artist palette icon to represent the branding, graphics and logos you can add to your strategy with Lucidity strategy software

Colours and graphics

Give each objective a visual identity your team will love and remember them.

Example strategic objectives being Happy Team, Financial Growth, Customer Service and Always Innovating

Set any type of business goal

With our step-by-step goal setting software, you can create the specific targets to achieve your strategic objectives. WHATEVER you want to measure and track, we have the flexibility to support any goal in any format. Goals for any activity, any sector, any business, any strategy.

target icon to represent setting goals and targets in Lucidity strategy software

What is the target?

Flexible ways to set your targets. Whether you need things to increase or decrease, stay above or below, or just hit and achieve.

Upward graph icon to represent tracking your strategic progress and results in Lucidity strategy software

What are you measuring?

Track any unit at all from numbers to currency, percentages to purchases.

Calendar icon to represent the ability to set any timeframe on your strategy tracking in Lucidity

Over what time period?

Whether you need to hit your target once or every day, set the best timeframe you for.

Example strategic goal with a graph

Add milestones

Use our flexible milestone tool to easily add measurable markers towards any of your goals and aligned to the rhythm of your business – daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, annually whatever you need.

A goal with a list of updates showing progress towards completion

Assign Owners

Give every goal a clear and accountable owner to ensure nothing falls through the gaps. We’ll automatically surface updates and reminders to keep them motivated and moving forward.

A goal with a clear owner

Align tasks

Whatever needs to happen to hit that target and achieve that goal, create tasks for it and firmly attach them to your goals. Now everyone knows what they’re aiming for and how to succeed.

Find out more about our Flexible Task Management
Goals showing tasks associated with each one

View progress

With our goal tracking tools you’ll have instant visibility of the latest updates for all targets. Save time and effort digging for data with progress reporting right where you need it, whenever you need it. From a top-level view of all goals, to detailed breakdowns for specific targets.

A task feeding in to a Goal to help with progress
Goal graph representing history of progress

Clear graphs, automatically built

Easily understand progress against your plan at a glance with great graphs.

Graph showing number of Tools completed

Goal progress in your dashboard

See progress of key goals alongside your most important results in your strategy dashboard.

An email with a list of Goals and Tasks

Goal updates in automatic emails

Keep the whole team informed with important goal progress in their regular strategy emails.

Automatic tracking

Connect your goal to an external system and pull in data for automatic updates and effortless progress reporting. Or sync any goal with a KPI in Lucidity to have it instantly update as your KPI is tracked.

Find out more about Integrations
A collection of integration icons

Plan and track projects and initiatives

Not every important activity to help achieve your core strategic objectives will be easily measurable with obvious targets and clear data. That’s why we created Initiatives. Capture and track the ongoing, supporting projects going on in your business that are crucial to the success of your strategy.

Give them a timeframe

Add a start date and an end date.

Icon of a person being singled out to represent the accountability you can get when using Lucidity strategy software

Assign an owner

Show who is accountable.

a clipboard and tick icon to represent strategic tasks in Lucidity strategy software

Add tasks

Track progress through task completion.

An initiative showing all the tasks relating to it

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