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Pivoting without the pain

Whether you want to grow faster, reduce risk or just survive, use simple tools built from experience, and be guided through exercises to get the insight you need to build a diversification strategy and move your business in a new direction.

Are you a boiling frog?

Sometimes things get hotter and hotter – you make less and less profit in a market – and it’s time to get out of hot water and slip into something cooler. Our tools can help you assess your market, or a new market, in a structured but easy way, so you can judge whether to stay where you are or whether a new market is worth entering.

Porter's Five Forces being edited

New products? New markets? Exciting decisions

Where to go and what to do? If you’re looking to pivot your business, you can develop new products and services or enter new markets. From adding a new product to compliment what you already do, to venturing into new geographies to sell what you already have. There is a plethora of options, but our tools will help you focus and make a decision. You’ll come up with the best options in a structured way, and then work through them to assess which one really is the best for your business.

An example of an Ansoff Matrix

Create a strong Vision for change

You’ve made some serious decisions that will bring big change and transform your outlook, so it’s time to be clear, be bold and inspire your people. With a simple process, packed with over 1000 examples, we’ll help you craft a Vision Statement to be proud of. Make sure you leave no one in any doubt why you’re changing and what you’re working towards.

An example of a Vision Statement:

Find the time and money to power the new

Now you know what you do want to do, you need to be clear about what you don’t want to do. With simple steps we’ll help you break down your current activities and segment your revenues to easily see what should stop altogether, and what needs to continue to fund the new stuff. You’ll have a clear plan to feed the new – with time, resource and money.

Revenue Segmentation

Build that plan. Make it happen

Our platform will help you turn that ambition into reality. Your vision into strategic objectives, down to goals, then KPIs and tasks and checklists. Simple. Within a couple of hours, you’ll have plan that you and your team will be excited about and you can make happen with ease, clarity, speed and enthusiasm.

Two example objectives

The tools to get it done

Having built your plan in Lucidity you’ll have all the tools you need to take that diversification plan all the way and pivot your business. Fully integrated joined up for quicker results, without the pain.

Megaphone icon to represent communication of your strategic plan with Lucidity

Share the plan

Bring your strategy to life in a way that everyone will understand and get on board with.

Clapper board icon to represent taking action and executing your strategy with Lucidity

Run the execution

Execute your strategic tasks with clear accountability and consistency to keep up momentum.

Clipboard with graph icon to represent tracking your strategic progress and results with Lucidity

Track your progress

Automatically see performance data and results so you always know how you’re getting on.

We’ve transformed the business; 400% growth in 24 months and the team has grown by 350%. They are hugely excited with the strategy and very engaged. We’ve complimented an amazing team with an amazing product, thanks to our strategy work in Lucidity.

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