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Charity Strategy Platform Overview

Build and execute multiple strategies to successfully deliver for all your stakeholders.

Whether it’s your organizational strategy, fundraising strategy, digital strategy or for your volunteers, Lucidity makes strategy management in complex environments easy and transparent.

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What you can achieve with Lucidity

Break complex or multi-faceted strategies down into achievable goals and tasks that everyone understands.

Build clear accountability and alignment across your teams and organization to stay on track.

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Reduce costs and improve operationally by digitising your approach to strategy management.

Communicate your non-profit's strategic plans and progress transparently with all your stakeholders.

Achieve more through improved collaboration internally, with the Board and with external partners.

Susie Willis Care Network CEO and Lucidity charity customer


Susie Willis, CEO of Care Network

We talk to the CEO of a charity about strategy and their projects... ❤

"How do you develop strategy now?

We've worked with Lucidity for a couple of years now and we absolutely love it. Everything is concise and in one place, with supporting visuals that help make strategy come to life and for those who prefer visuals to text this also makes it more accessible. I think another invaluable aid that Lucidity has brought to us is the ability to track strategic delivery / progress. Individuals are more accountable for tasks set to achieve the strategy."

The platform for Charities to build, deliver and track all your strategic plans

Whichever methodology you use, the Lucidity platform makes for easy strategic leadership and governance. Build, share, present and communicate the progress you make against your strategic goals with your internal and external stakeholders, helping you create transparency and establish trust.

An easy-to-use platform that helps you plan

Use tools like SWOT and PESTLE from our extensive Tool Library, or templates for fundraising and digital strategies. The platform will help you build out your plans – from your Vision and Mission all the way through to impacts and tasks.

Gain a competitive edge with a robust plan for your charity

With so many others competing for attention and support of their worthy causes, it is critical for your charity to define a modern business plan that will help you stand out, collaborate with others and drive improved results at a lower cost.

Measure your impact and communicate success

Create, track and measure any goal or desired impact. Save lots of time and effort by seeing all your strategic goals, initiatives, measures and tasks in one place and always up to date.

Transparent reporting to build trust

We’ve made it easier than ever to share your progress against your strategy with all your stakeholders. Proudly keep Trustees, Managers, Employees, Donors, Partners and Volunteers up to date on the impact you and they are making.

Reduce operating costs to make your funds go further

Digitizing your strategies in a joined up way and increasing efficiency across your organization can help reduce your operational costs and increase the funds available to spend on your services to those who need them.

Access examples, guidance, support and expertise

Our platform and team are focused on helping non-profit organizations achieve their Visions and Missons in style. From bite-sized videos to examples, we’ll help you get up and running with Lucidity quickly so that everyone can start making an impact.

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What is a non-profit strategic plan?

A non-profit strategic plan will help you advance your vision and mission. It details specific goals and aligns your resources to help you achieve those goals. Taking a digital approach with Lucidity also allows and unlocks up to date information on the impact you are making with KPIs, milestones and targets in dashboards and reports.

What should a non-profit strategic plan include?

Your strategic plan should be comprehensive, addressing your mission, vision and values, as well as your organisation’s goals and objectives. It should also include an analysis of your nonprofit’s resources and strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. Of course you may have multipe plans – an organisationsl strategy, a fundraising strategy, a digital strategy. Lucidity can support all of those in one place, in a joined up way so that you have a single source of truth thats always up to date.

Who should be involved in a non-profit's strategic planning process?

Your employees and Board of Directors are going to be some of the most important voices in the strategic planning process. Make sure to speak with people who have been around for a long time and carry with them important institutional history, but also take into consideration the perspectives of people who are brand new to the staff or board. Volunteers are key contributors that can show you how you are perceived by those outside of your organisation. Also consider identifying your key external stakeholders including donors, corporate partners and community leaders and involving them in the process.