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A strategy consultant using a laptop with clients showing them Lucidity strategy software

Deliver a consistent, high-quality service across all consultants and all customers

Empower your team to deliver a fresh, efficient service with innovative tools for strategic planning and execution management. A central platform to set you apart and bring your consultants & customers together.

Consistency for you. Flexibility for your customers.

Support a more consistent experience for all your clients, across all your consultants. Equip all your team with the same powerful tools and be confident your brand is being presented well. Yet give your experts the flexibility they need to adapt and design the experience based on the clients’ needs and ambitions.

Multiple happy faces to show how Lucidity strategy software can help deliver a consistently good service to all clients

Get a better view across all consultants

Easily see what’s going on with all your consultants. Get visibility of your entire portfolio of customers no matter who manages their account. Gauge the performance of your people and be quick to offer additional support and guidance if ever it’s needed.

A leader of a consultancy group using Lucidity strategy software to get a complete view of all his consultants and customers

Look good. Remain present.

Leverage our powerful platform and impress clients and prospects. Leave behind so much more than a few pdfs and embed a software that brings it all to life for them and keeps you present and active with your customers in a scalable way.

Impressive software delivered by you, developed by us

Give your customers a powerful platform - complete with your brand and theirs – without any resource pressure or technical maintenance on your part. Leverage cutting-edge tools without the overheads.

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Easily and efficiently handle large organizations

Confidently send a single consultant into large organizations supported by a software platform geared up for unlimited users, across multiple teams, anywhere in the world. Easily engage lots of people with tools for easy collaboration, broad communication and ongoing interaction.

Large office skyscraper to show how Lucidity strategy software can help consultancy groups service large enterprise customers

Profitably service many smaller businesses

Use our strategy software to extend your services to smaller companies in a scalable way. Whether you’re already helping smaller businesses and want to improve your margins or tap into this space for the first time, powering your consultation services with our easy-to-use platform will give you a low-touch, yet impressive, way of working at scale.

A group of happy faces showing how Lucidity strategy software can help consultancy groups service lots of small businesses profitably

The Business Doctors is an established, successful business consultancy group focused on providing SME business owners affordable advice on how to grow their businesses over the long term. Applying practical advice together with various tools, they assist with strategy and growth and focus on helping their clients deliver financial results. Covering the UK along with increasing international activity, over the years the Business Doctors have assisted thousands of companies across a wide range of sectors to achieve their desired goals.

Lucidity is proving transformational for us. It's flexible enough to support our own established methodologies and anything our customers want to do, no matter what sector. For our team it helps provide a cutting-edge and consistently high quality service whilst saving them time and effort. For our clients it really does help them achieve their vision.


  • Supporting consistency & quality across a significant, dispersed and growing team
  • Digitising established processes and approaches cost effectively
  • An opportunity to focus on larger businesses
  • Helping the team provide a scalable service to clients


  • A high quality digital platform supporting team and customers wherever they are
  • Digital business strategy tools that support & extend existing, well tried approaches
  • A leading edge service that enables Business Doctors to work with larger enterprises
  • Tools, capabilities and automation that help the team provide excellent service to many clients

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