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For any organization who wants to execute or monetize business strategy and planning

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A Strategy Platform that gives you competitive advantage

Everything strategy, all in one place.

Whatever type of organization you are, Lucidity can dramatically improve how you are managing and executing your strategy. Whatever it is you are trying to do, we can help you get there faster and in better shape. From using our Tool Library for some quiet analysis through to planning, tracking progress and communicating that to the troops, Lucidity supports a joined up approach to strategy, planning and execution.

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The biggest challenge for Strategy Leaders?

Getting people to focus on the important and not waste time, money and resource on the unimportant. Most strategies and plans fail. They are late, they miss targets, they do not deliver. Lucidity will help your teams understand and focus on the strategically important. Lucidity cancels out the noise and focuses people on what matters.

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Never have to ask for an update again.

Building and maintaining momentum is hard. There's a lot of friction with strategy management. Connecting to 200+ platforms we make sure everyone is looking at an up to date, single source of truth - without having to ask or to wait.

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Different icons representing integrations on systems like Xero or Google Analytics

People like to know where and how they contribute.

33% of your senior managers don't know what your strategic objectives are. Only 13% of your sales and service staff do. Think about that for a second. Contrast that with everyone being engaged with your strategy, understanding it and how they are making a difference. Every day.

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There’s a reason why companies are excited about this Strategy
execution software… It makes successful Strategy execution easy!

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Why customers love Lucidity

"Since using Lucidity, the company is seeing real growth. We've used the platform to build out and execute a diversification strategy. It's been really successful and the team are motivated, engaged, delivering great results."

Susie Willis Care Network CEO and Lucidity charity customer

"We had just too many documents, not linked together, it made things feel fragmented. I cannot recommend Lucidity enough, the platform has really transformed the way we plan and manage strategy. The Lucidity Team have been really helpful and supportive. It’s invaluable as I develop our latest strategic priorities!"

"Lucidity has been a brilliant platform to support us as an international management team. We operate in the US & Europe and used it to collaborate and drive successful growth. It's helped us build and execute our strategy and saved us a lot of time and effort as a management team."

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