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Get serious about growth. Clear and uncomplicated software to build, execute and track the right plan to make great things happen.

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Lucidity strategy software product images showing a Strategy Tree, Strategy Dashboard, Strategy Tools and Strategic Task Management board

Everything you need to succeed,
no matter what stage you’re at

Build your strategy

We’ve made strategy simple so you can plan faster and get to growth sooner.

The smartest way to create your plan. With a tailored strategy to get you started, you’ll be guided, step-by-step, through simple tools and lots of real-world examples to hone your ideas and develop your plan. Easy to follow, expert guidance and best practice to ensure you get it right first time.

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Bring it to life

Don’t bury your plan in files and folders. Animate your strategy and excite your people.

Your whole plan, always up-to-date and instantly accessible. Spark some excitement with engaging images. Ensure everyone understands the plan with a logical layout. Show people how they contribute and keep interest high with automated updates and built-in communication tools.

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Execute your plan

Don’t waste time and money getting it wrong. Use the right tools to nail the execution.

A powerful task management system that’s structured around your strategy. Easily break your plan down into tasks, assign owners, set deadlines, targets and KPIs. Create focus and drive momentum with consistent visibility, automated updates and progress reporting at a glance.

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Track the results

Never lose sight of the prize. Stay informed and focused with instant access to progress reporting.

Always know what’s going on with instant access to your most up-to-date results. Pull data from across the business into customisable dashboards and automated reporting. From company-wide updates to personalised reports, automate it all and track whatever you need to track, whenever you need to track it.

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Powerful strategy software that keeps things simple for faster results and easier success.


Because life is complicated enough

We’re here to make strategy simple, simple for you to build, simple for people to understand. We make it easier for you to manage the planning, easier for everyone to access the plan, easier for you to track progress and results and all with software that is super easy to use.

Because life is complicated enough


Work the way you want to work

We don’t want anything slowing you down, so we’ve unlocked the flexibility you need to run your strategic planning however you want to. Choose the right strategic tools for the job, create and track any kind of goal, manage and view your tasks in a way that makes sense to you and your teams. Whether you’re a KPI kinda business, or an OKR organisation, we’ve got you covered.

Save time, resource, and headaches


Save time, resource and headaches

Through integrations and automation, everything is easier and faster. Visuals are automatically generated, dashboards are effortlessly populated, automatic reports are scheduled and distributed, reminders and notifications are automatically sent. No more chasing, no more reporting writing, no more searching for data, just a smooth journey to success.

Work the way you want to work

The sooner you start, the sooner you grow

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We’re helping our customers win.

Our customers build and execute smart strategies faster and at a lower cost. They stay focused, maintain momentum and enjoy the results. We’re their secret to getting it right.

Photo of Dean Smith

Dean Smith

Founder, Safe As Milk

We didn’t have a clue about strategy and as a small company we weren’t ready to hire a strategy consultant, so Lucidity was a fantastic solution for us. It’s quick and simple to set up and very clear about what we should be focusing on. It’s really helped clarify where we want to be in the next few years.


  • Knowing how to build a strategy
  • Needing to be sensible with costs


  • Built out a great plan
  • Clear path to growth
Photo of Marios Kyriacou

Marios Kyriacou


Since using Lucidity, the company is really seeing growth! We pivoted slightly by creating a complimentary software product. We also looked at market development in the US. Its been really successful. The business has grown, the team are now really motivated and engaged, delivering great results.


  • No recurring revenues
  • Needing to grow faster


  • Diversified the business
  • Fantastic growth from old and new activities

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