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Bringing clarity to the complex, for regulated organisations who need to get their strategy right and want to make an impact.

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The State of Strategy Leadership research report by Lucidity

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We carried out some research and surveyed 100 Chief Strategy Officers to better understand the strategy management challenges leaders and senior management teams are facing as we enter 2022. Please download to see how your peers are managing the change going on around us.

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The strategy platform for complex, regulated and publicly accountable organizations

Charities and non-profits

Are you looking for ways to build trust & increase funding? Lucidity can help you keep stakeholders and potential donors interested in your mission.

Need to collaborate? Create transparency to foster improved collaboration across your organisation and externally with partners.

Digital? Manage your strategy digitally to save time, improve processes, reduce costs and help your funds go further, creating an even bigger impact.

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Housing Associations

Communicate your strategic plan and real-time progress against your goals with your board and stakeholders.

Let us help you build trust and transparency with your strategic plan and deliverables, helping you grow communities.

Specifically designed for strategic planning, Lucidity lets you add background thinking, customised KPIs and supports methodologies including SWOT, PESTLE and more.

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Regulated for-profits

Are you in Energy, Financial Services or Technology on AIM or another stock market? Need to keep regulators and shareholders informed?

Lucidity is used by organisations who need to take their growth strategy seriously and keep multiple stakeholders up to date on progress.

Use Lucidity to build, execute and track your strategy with everyone from the SMT to employees on the front line aligned and contributing to success.

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Want your strategy to make an impact? We'll help you deliver, measure and prove it.

We know how to help you make an impact and how to measure the progress of your organisation. We can help you transform your organization with our expertise in Goal and KPI/OKR guidance, industry performance benchmarking and best practice management.

What you can achieve with Lucidity

Make a greater impact with your mission and measure it to keep people engaged.

Break complex or multi-faceted strategies down into achievable goals and tasks.

Icon of person being picked out to represent the clear accountability that Lucidity can bring when managing your strategy execution

Build accountability and alignment across your teams and organization.

Communicate your corporate-level strategy transparently with teams, board and stakeholders.

Facilitate better collaboration with external contacts including your partners.

Reduce costs and improve operational excellence through easy digitisation.

Why our customers love Lucidity

"Since using Lucidity, the company is seeing real growth! We've built a strategy to pivot by creating a complementary product and looked at market development in the US. It's been really successful and the team are now motivated, engaged, delivering great results."

Marios Kyriacou, CEO,

Susie Willis Care Network CEO and Lucidity charity customer

"We had just too many documents, not linked together, it made things feel fragmented. I cannot recommend Lucidity enough, they have really transformed the way we plan and manage strategy. The Lucidity Team have been really helpful and supportive. Itโ€™s invaluable as I develop our latest strategic priorities!"

Susie Willis, CEO, Care Network

"Lucidity has been a brilliant platform to support us as an international management team. We operate in Europe and the US and used it to collaborate and drive successful growth in new markets. It's helped us build and execute our strategy and saved us a lot of time and effort."

Martin Lenz, CEO, Jobiqo

Why you'll want to work with Lucidity

Our expertise and guidance

We are the proven specialists for complex and regulated organisations. We can provide the guidance you need.

Team alignment has never been easier

Your organisation is complex. That's why we've combined everything strategy into one platform to help you eliminate complexity and risk.

Computer icon with graphs representing the strategy dashboards in Lucidity

Make a measurable impact and prove it

Transform your organisation with our expertise in goal, KPI and OKR guidance, industry performance benchmarking and best practice management.

Visualise your strategy for easy governance

It's easy for you to share, present and communicate progress with stakeholders, helping you create transparency and establish trust.

Be a trusted thought leader

Clear reporting on your measurable impact will help you establish your place ahead of the competition as a respected voice and thought leader.

Bring your strategy to life with the golden thread

Clearly communicate the strategy and plan to your disparate teams so they can take ownership of their part in delivering it.

Speak to one of our experts

If you would like to discuss your requirements with one of our experts and find out how Lucidity can help your strategies.


What is corporate planning?

Corporate planning is a process used by organisations to outline their goals and plan how they will reach them. It’s a tool that successful organisations use to take full advantage of all their resources, which can make them more successful than their competitors.

What is the role of corporate planning?

At an operational level, the purpose of corporate planning is to help you plan and prepare the resources you need to deliver your objectives. By enabling you to make workable plans, a corporate plan can help you deliver what your customer needs.

Why planning is so important for a corporate?

Planning helps you identify your organisation’s goals and create a plan for the future. When you work together as a team, everyone is on the same page and can make decisions that will help improve how your organisation operates day to day and what you can achieve. Corporate plans are important because they help you determine your answer to some of the most critical business questions ahead of time.