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Quickly identify new opportunities for growth and create an actionable growth strategy in minutes.

People using Lucidity strategy software to create their strategy, communicate it, manage the execution and track strategic results

1. Identify New Opportunities for Growth

Use Lucidity to gain clarity on what you need to do.

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Use simple yet effective strategy tools to uncover your missed opportunities for business growth. Be guided through examples and come out with the right answers.

SWOT, Ansoff and Revenue Segmentation tools

2. Build your Plan for Growth

Once you've identified your opportunities for growth it's time to build your plan.

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Create your growth plan in minutes. Start from scratch or use time saving templates - then take action! Our task management tools make it quick & easy to turn your strategy into actionable objectives and checklist items, assign tasks to team members. Easily track progress so you can gain & maintain momentum!

3. Watch your Profits Grow

You and the team can always see progress on your organisational or individual dashboards

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Stay informed and monitor your progress with our intuitive and easy-to-use dashboards and data integrations. Our real-time monitoring tools help you track progress, measure performance, and identify any potential roadblocks that could hinder your growth. Our dashboard gives you a 360-degree view of your business helping you stay ahead of the competition.

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Why Lucidity makes a difference

Have everyone understand the plan

Break complex or multi-faceted strategies down into achievable goals and tasks. Easily share, present and communicate progress with employees and stakeholders.

Get everyone focussed on whats important

Align people to what's important and avoid wasting money & resources on what isn't. You'll really start to see results.

Always know how you are doing

Lucidity gives you amazing visibility on progress and results against your plan. Save time and energy, always know what to do next.

Seamlessly integrate systems and achieve strategic clarity

Save time and energy by automatically pulling in data from your other systems. Keep your goals, OKRs, KPIs or any other outputs and outcomes up to date and accurate so you always know how you are progressing against your plans.

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What some of our customers think

"GrowCFO is delighted to with Lucidity and we enjoy a fantastic working relationship with their team, who are always incredibly helpful. It is great to work together to achieve GrowCFO's mission of getting CFOs more involved in the design, build and implementation of their company's strategy."

Dan Wells, CEO, GrowCFO

Susie Willis Care Network CEO and Lucidity charity customer

"We had just too many documents, not linked together, it made things feel fragmented. I cannot recommend Lucidity enough, the platform has really transformed the way we plan and manage strategy. The Lucidity Team have been really helpful and supportive. It’s invaluable as I develop our latest strategic priorities!"

Susie Willis, CEO, Care Network

"Lucidity has been a brilliant platform to support us as an international management team. We operate in Europe and the US and used it to collaborate and drive successful growth in new markets. It's helped us build and execute our strategy and saved us a lot of time and effort."

Martin Lenz, CEO, Jobiqo

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