Housing Associations

Deliver your housing association's business plan and measure its impact

Deliver a corporate plan that ensures team alignment across your different strategic objectives, themes and priorities, such as ESG, community and housing targets. Easily track progress against the strategy and goals and report on that progress to your board and other stakeholders.

What you can achieve with Lucidity

Share the corporate plan with your board, regulators and stakeholders with clear communication.

Break complex or multi-faceted strategies down into achievable goals and tasks in your corporate plan.

Build clear accountability and alignment across your teams and organisation to enable focus.

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Understand your progress against your strategy with reporting and dashboards.

Adapt and change strategic plans as environmental factors come into play, keeping you on track.

The platform for housing associations to deliver and measure their corporate plan

Managing your corporate plan is tough. The Lucidity platform covers everything you need to know about how to keep your housing association on target with delivering your social purpose.

Achieve your vision by linking the day to day operations

With Lucidity you’ll have a clear golden thread from vision statement through to operations, with a structured plan that shows the activity at all levels within the organisation.

Measure your impact and communicate success

Measuring and proving social impact can be complicated. Identify the metrics that matter and your performance dashboard can be customised to focus on these KPIs and your progress against them.

Transparent reporting with your board and regulators

We’ve made it easier than ever to share your progress against your housing association’s business plan and strategy with your internal or external stakeholders. Save time and avoid errors with automated reporting.

Strategic guidance, best practice and expertise

Designed by experts in simplifying complex environments, Lucidity has built-in best-practice templates and is designed to accommodate any methodology or framework, including SWOT, PESTLE and more. We’ll help you get started immediately.

Cloud-based platform for real-time updates

No more spreadsheets with multiple versions. The Lucidity platform is accessible via the cloud for real-time updates no matter where you are. No more chasing for updates and emailing out-of-date documents.

How to videos to get your team up and running quickly

Lucidity is a platform designed for ease of use, with step-by-step guidance that will help your team get up and running quickly. Lucidity also offers bite-sized videos to teach you how to perform different actions so that your team feels confident they are getting what they need from the platform.

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What is a housing association corporate plan?

A business plan is your housing association’s formal statement of its goals and how it plans to achieve them. It may also contain background information about your organisation and a strategic analysis about the market.

Why is a housing association corporate plan important?

A business plan is an important document for housing associations to communicate the organisation’s goals and how they plan to align their resources to achieve them. It’s also important for governance purposes.

Who should be involved in a housing association's business planning process?

You need the help of your team, leadership team and board of directors to come up with a strategic plan for your company. You may also need to involve external stakeholders such as corporate partners and community leaders.