PESTLE Analysis Video Guide

A video guide to looking at your external environment via PESTLE Analysis… 🎥

1 min read

A woman watching the PESTLE video on a laptop

We’ve previously put together introductions to PESTLE for beginners, step by step walkthroughs to develop a PESTLE, and an Ultimate Guide to PESTLE with examples, tips, guides and more… but now we’re pleased to also bring you a video tutorial on this popular framework.

So, if you’re looking to examine the external environment and understand what factors may impact your business, look no further than this short video providing a lot of content in not a lot of time.

Contents of the video:

  • Definition of a PESTLE Analysis
  • A breakdown of the 3×3 matrix used
  • Aspects you should consider when you’re about to complete a PESTLE
  • Tips, advice, and examples
  • Explanation of refinement within PESTLE

Download the PESTLE Analysis Handbook

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