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Sometimes the journey to a dangerous tipping point can be slow and long. Sometimes a realization or change in your situation means you have to act very quickly. Whatever has caused your problems, you’ve just found your solution.

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You've drifted off course

Perhaps you didn't have a plan in the first place. Or perhaps you haven't followed it very well. Either way, you've ended up where you don't want to be.

Competition has arrived

A new competitor has come out of the blue and put a flag in the ground. Or an existing competitor has made a move you can't really match.

No one wants to buy

It could be that your products and services have gradually become irrelevant over time or unprofitable for a number of reasons.

Now is the time to act and here's what you need to do...

Our strategy software takes the panic out of business survival. We help business leaders turn their fortunes around with a simple five step approach and easy-to-use tools to save time, speed up and recover quickly.

1 - Get clarity with the right tools

We make it simple to get some clarity on your situation and start to snap things into focus. By working through a tailored series of our strategy tools, put together specifically for you, you’ll be able to figure out where you are now and where you need to be.

2 - Build a crystal clear plan

Our strategy software makes planning fool proof. With suggestions, examples, guidance and help you’ll build out a clear strategy step-by-step. The objectives, goals, initiatives and targets that you need to survive and then thrive, all clearly mapped out and ready to action.

3 - Get everyone behind it

Clear communication is critical. You don’t have time to keep going over everything and you can’t risk your team misunderstanding and getting it wrong. With your plan in Lucidity everything is instantly understandable and effortless to share. From managers to front-line teams, investors to partners – inspire confidence and action with a thorough plan thought all the way through to execution.

4 - Take action

Don't waste time – execute. Drive it through. Create tasks. Assign owners. Give deadlines. Get updates. Use our powerful strategic task management system to automatically drive things along as fast as possible. .

5 - Monitor progress closely

Get ongoing reassurance that it’s working. With automatic dashboards, goal reporting and KPI tracking, you can easily keep a close eye on results and progress, so you and your team can know that you’re turning a corner and moving back to results.

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Don't waste time. Take action.

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We help distressed businesses stay calm, get clarity and return to growth

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We really did have our backs to the wall. It was terrifying. But thanks to Lucidity we were able to take a fresh look at our strengths, identify opportunities, quickly put a plan together and go for it. An amazing journey and a successful exit only 18 months later.
How to Turnaround Your Business

How to Turnaround Your Business

Watch our on-demand webinar to learn exactly how to build the right turnaround strategy for your business. Reduce pressure and stress with a clear idea of what you need to do and start to look forward to a brighter future for you and your team.

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