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Smash your targets with a sales strategy that the whole business can get behind

Use our strategy software to build and execute your sales strategy with panache.

A sales strategy built in Lucidity Strategy Software

You don't need an MBA. Just use us

Our easy-to-follow strategy tools will help you conduct expert analysis quickly and easily so you can build a super smart strategy based on proper insight and intelligence.

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Identify growth opportunities

Assess your competitors

Figure out your buyers

Upward graph icon to represent tracking your strategic progress and results in Lucidity strategy software

Get a rock solid plan

A SWOT, Ansoff Matrix and Revenue Segmentation graph

Build out your sales strategy, step-by-step

We make it quick and easy to set objectives, create targets, goals or any KPIs you want. Kick-off and assign initiatives that will drive things forward. All clearly laid out for you and your team so everyone can see what the plan is. Your people will love it.

Sales objectives created in Lucidity strategy software

Create sales objectives

Sales goals and targets set in Lucidity strategy software

Set targets & goals

sales initiatives and projects in Lucidity strategy software

Plan sales initiatives

Sales KPIs set and tracked in Lucidity strategy software

Establish team KPIs

Show your company that Sales mean business

Impress the whole business by showcasing your strategy and bringing it to life.

Get everyone focused

Clearly communicate the priorities and show what's important so everyone knows how to contribute.

Save time and effort

Everything to do with your sales strategy and activities in one place for easy access and time saving.

Look like a hero

Automated graphics make presentations for your team or senior management slick and quick.

Action stations! Now execute your plan with joined-up task management tools

A full task management system that's built around your sales strategy. It's never been easier to delegate important tasks across the team, watch progress and get things done.

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Icon of person being picked out to represent the clear accountability that Lucidity can bring when managing your strategy execution

Distribute team tasks

Assign owners, set deadlines, add checklists and follow

Keep up momentum

Automated reminders, notifications and updates

Upward graph icon to represent tracking your strategic progress and results in Lucidity strategy software

Stay on top of progress

Easily see whats going on - celebrate wins, remove blockers

Motivate the team

Make things easier, get the team fired up!

Custom task boards so you nail your numbers

Whatever your strategy and activities, we can power you along.

custom task board to manage growth activity in lucidity strategy software

Growth activity

custom task board to manage sales team development activity in lucidity strategy software

Team development

custom task board to manage sales activity around channel partners in lucidity strategy software

Channel partners

Effortlessly track ALL your activities and results

Ditch the spreadhseets. Save time and energy with automatic dashboards that inform and motivate you and the team.

Computer screen with graphs icon to represent the Lucidity strategy dashboards

Flexible dashboards

See progress against your numbers and activities all in one place. Pull in data from other systems to save time

A target and arrow icon to represent hitting goals and achieving your strategy with Lucidity

Goal reporting

Set goals & targets, dish out tasks and effortlessly track progress with visual graphs and clear reporting

Clipboard with graph icon to represent tracking your strategic progress and results with Lucidity

KPI tracking

Whatever KPI's you've set, you can easily track progress of everything all in one place

A collection of widgets for KPIs and Goals

Compete. Drive results. Enjoy success.

With a solid sales strategy, beautifully presented, perfectly executed and continously tracked.

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