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The easiest way to build and visualize clear objectives and key results to effortlessly align your teams and organize your execution.

Follow best practice

Follow best practice

Get guidance and advice to help build your OKRs with videos, tips and examples at every stage.

Enjoy full flexibility

Enjoy full flexibility

Create any objectives, set whatever targets you need, and measure anything. Whatever your key result is, you can track it.

Automatically track results

Automatically track results

Maintain constant visibility of your key result progress with powerful integrations pulling in key data from your existing systems.

Set clear objectives

With our OKR software, tools and templates, tutorials and guidance we make it super simple to kick-start your planning. Whether you use our suggested objectives based on your business and ambitions or build from scratch, you’ll quickly have a set of solid objectives to start your OKR journey.

Video icon to represent the strategy video tutorials in Lucidity

Help and advice

Examples, videos and tips to help your team understand best practice

lightbulb icon to represent the strategy suggestions, templates and examples in Lucidity that help spark your ideas

Templates and suggestions

Get OKR ideas based on your business and ambitions to get your started

Artist palette icon to represent the branding, graphics and logos you can add to your strategy with Lucidity strategy software

Clear visualization

Build a well laid-out strategy tree and give each objective a clear visual identity

Example strategic objectives being Happy Team, Financial Growth, Customer Service and Always Innovating

Create your key results

With full flexibility to set ANY type of goal or target, you can establish all the specific key results that will achieve your objectives and power your strategy. Whatever you need to measure and track, you can - any metric, any format, any timeframe.

target icon to represent setting goals and targets in Lucidity strategy software

Any goal

Set targets with flexible measures to reflect whatever good looks like for you. Increasing or decreasing, above or below, or just done and achieved.

Connection icon to represent the powerful integrations in Lucidity strategy software

Any metric

Monitor any unit you need to, from digits to dollars, percentages to points.

Calendar icon to represent the ability to set any timeframe on your strategy tracking in Lucidity

Any timeframe

Track your key results over any time period from every day to just the once, and everything in between.

Example strategic goal with a graph

Set milestones

Ensure you stay on track and maintain the right momentum with our flexible milestone capability. Add interval measures to any of your key results and closely monitor progress towards your ultimate goal.

A goal with a list of updates showing progress towards completion

Ensure accountability

Easily ensure every key result in your OKRs has a defined owner. Get complete clarity on who is doing what and leave nothing to chance. With every owner receiving automatic updates and reminders, you’ll be sure to hit those results with a team who is on the case.

A goal with a clear owner

Establish the jobs to be done

Manage the execution and easily align your strategic task management with your OKRs. Create tasks for everything that needs to be done to make that key result happen, and have your whole team clearly see what contribution they’re making and what they’re working towards.

Find out more about our Flexible Task Management
Goals showing tasks associated with each one

Watch Your Progress

Our tracking tools mean you’ll have full visibility of progress at all times. Quickly see how each key result is doing without searching through systems and hunting for data. All the reporting you’ll need, ready and accessible whenever it’s needed. From broad overviews of your complete OKRs, to in-depth drill-downs on particular key results.

Goal graph representing history of progress

Automatic graphs

Instantly visible and easy to understand visualisations of your progress and results.

Graph showing number of Tools completed

Fast dashboards

Get to your key result progress right away as part of your flexible strategy dashboard.

An email with a list of Goals and Tasks

Email updates

Effortless communication of your progress with automatic emails out to the team.

Effortlessly integrated

Hook your targets and key results up to your existing systems to bring in your data and automatically track your goals and report on progress.

Find out more about Integrations
A collection of integration icons

All clearly laid-out and easily accessible

No other system makes your OKR framework as simple to understand. Make sure your whole team know what the plan is and where to find it. With a wonderfully simple tree structure your OKRs are made crystal clear so everyone can get on with making them happen.

Company OKRs laid out using a strategy tree in Lucidity strategy software

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