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Introducing your Strategy Tree

This is the heart of your strategy world. Your complete plan clearly mapped out and fully interactive. From here you can see everything you or the team need to know.

Build your plan here

Watch your strategy tree grow as you create your strategic objectives, goals and initiatives and build your branches. Simply click to see examples, be guided through steps and come out with a finished component of your strategic plan

Moving an objective and goal around a tree

Show your strategy off

When your strategy has such a nice home, people will want to visit. Invite all the team to see the plan in all its glory – easily accessed, clear and digestible. Everyone can see a concise overview or click into the detail for more insight and info.

A graph of a goal

The starting line for your execution

Not only can you see the strategy here, but also what it’s going to take to make it happen. Follow your branches along and see the tasks for each goal and initiative. A super-fast way of getting into the detail and seeing what tasks relate to what strategic priority.

The detail of a example task linking to an objective

A simple view of progress

The fastest way to get a quick overview of how you’re progressing. With just a glance at your Strategy Tree anyone in the business can get an instant picture of how far you’ve come and what still needs doing. Quick, clear progress percentages making it super simple to stay on top of your execution efforts.

A graph from a goal showing progress against target

Release your strategy from buried files and folders. Let it breathe and grow in Lucidity

Make sure everyone in your business can get to the strategy without hassle or frustration. Put it where people can find it.

Easily add users

It just takes a moment to invite someone into your strategy and let them explore.

Hand crossed out icon to represent access controls in Lucidity strategy software

Simple access controls

If you need to restrict access to sensitive parts of your plan, that’s no problem.

Logo for Care Network Cambridge

Care Network Cambridgeshire provides services that help to relieve sickness and distress and improve quality of life for older and otherwise vulnerable adults, in Cambridgeshire and neighbouring counties. Incredibly important and valuable work in challenging times that requires strong strategic leadership and recognising a team under huge pressure needs to find strategy easy to engage with.

Lucidity makes everything related strategy real and tangible, from planning through to implementation and reporting. Lucidity has truly transformed how we manage our strategy and how effective we are at that.


  • Managing strategy effectively
  • Getting engagement & support from multiple stakeholders
  • Team needing to save time!
  • Reporting on strategic progress


  • Brilliant tool to help drive the organisation forward
  • Communication tools have effortlessly informed and enthused stakeholders
  • All information for every stage & aspect of our strategy in one place saves so much time
  • Seeing the bigger picture and better decision making

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