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A Vision statement is the guiding star of your company strategy. It’s a sentence or two that describes your overall vision for the way your business will interact with the world. It’s looking to the future to describe the destination you are all on a journey towards.

Creating a Vision can be an enjoyable process and it’s worth spending some time on it, because a Vision underpins everything about your strategy.

What is a Vision statement?

A Vision statement is a couple of sentences that describe the future of the company or world with the company. It’s a guide for your employees and customers, it provides a statement to align all activities towards.

Why should a company write a Vision statement?

Without a Vision statement it’s impossible to form a good strategy. In addition, Vision statements have many advantages such as:

  • A good Vision will inspire and motivate your employees
  • A good Vision will give you focus
  • A good Vision will ultimately help you perform

What is the difference between Vision and Mission?

This can be confusing. Think of a Mission statement as what you do today or the HOW, and a Vision of what you will be like in the future or the WHY.

Example: Alzheimer’s Society (UK)

Vision: A world without dementia.

Mission: Our mission is to transform the landscape of dementia forever. Until the day we find a cure, we will strive to create a society where those affected by dementia are supported and accepted, able to live in their community without fear or prejudice.

Can Vision statements change?

Absolutely – your Vision can be refined, can alter over time, and be reviewed as much as other parts of your strategy. It’s best practise to not alter the focus annually though, as you want people to believe in the Vision and go on the journey with you.

How long should a Vision statement be?

It should be short and memorable in order to engage your employees and customers. For reference, the average Vision statement is 18 words.

Vision Statement Interactive Tool in Lucidity Strategy Software

What should I consider when writing my Vision statement?

We’d recommend considering the following when constructing your Vision statement:

  • No more than two sentences and keep it under 30 words
  • Keep it simple and digestible
  • Avoid metrics – these don’t belong in your Vision
  • Be specific in your wording and your make it relevant to your market
  • Make it inspiring and ambitious
  • Align it to your culture and values

Remember to be bold – this is your Vision!

How do I create my own Vision statement?

Take a look at our guide on how to create your company Vision statement!

What are some example Vision statements?

Here are ten Vision statement examples from a wide range of companies:

We seek to reflect the best of Arabian hospitality in everything that we do
Etihad Airways

A world in which all people have pathways to health and opportunity.

Dream, Achieve and Flourish
Horseendale Primary School, UK

To enrich people’s lives with programmes and services that inform, educate and entertain

To be the most competent, profitable and innovative financial organization in the world

To inspire healthier communities by connecting people to real food

To fill the earth with the light and warmth of hospitality
Hilton Hotels

The enablers of global e-commerce

Lead the World in Essentials for a Better Life

We will help people live longer, healthier, happier lives

Charities often craft excellent Vision statements, so take a look at 12 charity vision statements for more examples.

What makes a good or bad Vision statement?

We’ve actually written a short article on this very topic! Take a look at our guide to Good and Bad Vision Statements

Where can I develop my Vision statement?

Lucidity has the largest database of company Vision statements in the world – it’s one of our claims to fame at parties! 🎊 So if you’d like more examples sign up to the strategy platform.

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