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Build, Communicate & Execute your ESG Strategy

Lucidity is a flexible strategy platform used by organizations to build, execute and track their ESG plans. The platform can support any ESG framework that you wish to use.


Systemizing your ESG Strategy for 2023



Easily inform and engage stakeholders in your ESG Strategy

Once your ESG plan is built using your chosen framework, the platform makes it fast and easy to communicate the plan out to everyone who needs to know. From your employees to your partners, your customers, Board or shareholders.

Any ESG Strategy Framework

Use any of the ESG frameworks already built in the software or create your own

Focus your teams on ESG goals

Align and focus everyone onto your long term ESG strategic goals

ESG Reporting

Easy to set up ESG data dashboards and progress reports

Maximize ESG Performance

Demands for ESG are on the rise. Customers, employees and investors expectations are changing. Regulations are constantly evolving and will continue to do so. Your organization needs a flexible ESG platform to build and manage your complex strategy. Lucidity's flexibility as an ESG platform enables any organization to build, manage and execute any strategy, monitor progress, and report on key ESG initiatives through insightful dashboards and reporting.

ESG Initiatives

What do you need to do?

Environmental – Move from 15% to 95% renewable energy? Reduce water & waste by 70%? Get to Zero Carbon? All by Q4 2023?

Social – Drive up diversity & inclusion? Be a more responsible marketer? Better respect data privacy within 12 months?

Governance – ESG orientated management compensation or perhaps just better ESG transparency and reporting overall?

The Lucidity platform can support all of those initiatives, with clear ownership, progress tracking, risk management and OKRs/KPIs.

Manage Risks

Our integrated system allows you to identify, register, track and mitigate risks in your ESG plan.

Clear accountability and visibility of progress saves time and energy for a dispersed team.

Reduce costs and improve operational excellence through easy digitization with real-time analysis to make it straightforward for users to work through the risk assessment process.

Drive Impact

A strong environmental, social, and governance (ESG) strategy links to
value creation and helps organizations tap into new markets as well as expand into existing ones. Showcase your ESG performance with Lucidity’s precise ESG reporting and smart dashboard.


Systemizing your ESG Strategy for 2023



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How important is ESG to your organization?

"The growing evidence that sustainable corporate practices link closely to performance is focusing investor and acquirer attention on ESG scores". Mckinsey.