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Seriously enhance your service and scale your business with a strategy software platform that will transform how you work with your clients.

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A business coach looking at an email on his phone from his client's Lucidity account updating him on their strategy progress

Increase your capabilities and capacity

Use our software platform to put yourself into more customers at once, in a deeper, longer-term way.

THIS is how you scale and grow

Become a Lucidity partner and work smarter. Free up your time and increase your capacity by leveraging our technology and our investment. Service more clients at once with a central software that lets you provide an initial consultation and then easily dip in and out of all of your customers, staying present with advice, guidance, feedback and commentary.

A strategy consultant at a laptop with lots of client faces around her working with them all simultaneously thanks for Lucidity strategy software

Set yourself apart

Stand out from the crowd with cutting-edge tools that will give you a serious competitive advantage. Transform how you deliver your services and how your clients engage with their strategy. Leave behind more than a few pdfs and embed a software platform that your clients will love and both your businesses will benefit from.

Save time

Boost your capacity by killing time-drains. Let Lucidity automate your client deliverables and save yourself a job. Look polished and professional without spending a penny or exerting any effort. Automated visuals of all your session outputs, the overall strategy plan, all with your logo and theirs.

Retain clients for longer

Easily extend your services and go beyond devising strategy – use the platform to guide the execution and tracking of their plan, in a low-touch way. Embed yourself deeper into their business and maintain an ongoing relationship and recurring fees. Keep customers on your books for longer as you stick with them right through to results.

Make more money

As a Lucidity partner, you’ll generate and sustain recurring revenue. Earn regular money for every client you have using Lucidity and we’ll even increase your margins the more customers you bring.

Growing graph, targets hit to show how coaches and consultants can earn new revenue through a partnership with Lucidity strategy software

Attract new clients

Get leads from Lucidity as our customers seek extra guidance and support. Benefit from referrals where your expertise and approach match the needs of our customers. We’ll also work closely with you on campaigns to engage your network and drive new business.

Business coach working at a laptop with Lucidity strategy software and attracting new leads and customers

Paul Avins is one of the UKs most successful and sought after Business Coaches and is an expert in Business Growth. Paul works with entrepreneurs to help them scale their businesses with a focus on leadership, team performance, execution and an approach to sales that is highly scalable and profit generating. Paul’s impressive 17-year track record has resulted in his clients building businesses that create millions in sales, profits and shareholder value for successful seven or eight figure exits.

When I first saw the Lucidity platform I was blown away with the potential for my clients and how it could help them implement a scale up strategy. This is the tool I’ve wanted for over 17 years and could never find! I use it to help clients get plans out of their heads so we can communicate it across the business and drive up scalable growth.


  • Helping business owners get their thoughts down in a structured way
  • Providing best-in-class tools for ongoing service to more clients
  • Being able to check-in with clients quickly, easily and regularly to offer guidance


  • Simple, clear, visual structures for planning that are so easy to use
  • A digital platform that's there 24/7 allowing collaboration wherever and whenever
  • Communication tools, dashboards, social - many ways to see what clients are up to and where to help

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