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We’re helping accountants deliver high-value business advisory quickly, easily and at scale

Extend the relationship

Increase the value and services you offer and build deeper relationships with clients. Easily deliver a quality business advisory service and help them build, communicate and execute their strategic plans with our easy-to-use strategy software.

An accountant delivering business advisory to clients

Stay relevant

Digital disruption eroding your margins? Compliance just isn’t profitable? We can help you offer a high-value business strategy service to future-proof your offering. With our intuitive software you’ll stay at the forefront of digital expectations and deliver a modern experience to your clients.

Accountant working on her laptop using Lucidity strategy software to deliver her business advisory services

Get deeper insight

With an advisory service powered by our platform you can quickly increase your knowledge of each of your clients and understand their longer-term business objectives. With full, ongoing visibility of their 3, 4, 5-year strategic plans, you can easily see where you can add value and extend your services.

Protect your client base

Safeguard your business and bolster client retention by ensuring your customers survive and thrive with your expert guidance and our practical tools.

Get going quickly

Our ready-to-roll, easy-to-use strategy software means our Accountancy Partners can quickly launch a quality advisory service with minimal effort and without extensive expertise. With simple tools and step-by-step guidance built in, you can get your clients up and running and working through some serious planning in no time.

High value for your customers, low effort for you

We make it easy to deliver an impressive strategy advisory service. We’ll provide everything you need to be the expert advisors for your clients. From support materials you can brand, to strategy consultation training for your team. We've got your back.

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Extra revenue

Launch an additional, recurring revenue stream and earn money for each client you have using Lucidity.

Strategic training

We'll provide materials to help up-skill your team and expand their expertise, turning them into knowledgeable strategy advisors.

Client resources

We’ll provide content and resources to help you support your clients. Helping customers grow and keeping engagement high.

I’d heartily recommend Lucidity to any business looking to improve the formulation and execution of their strategy. It allows you to document your strategy in a succinct way, understandable to all, and ensuring that the strategy progresses. It is simple to use and the support is fantastic.
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How to Launch a Business Advisory Service

Find out how to quickly and efficiently launch a strategy planning service and grow your business.

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