Automatic Strategy Visuals

Great looking graphics with zero effort

Save time and resource and instantly transform your planning into a series of great looking graphics to engage your people and impress your stakeholders.

Interesting and engaging

No boring spreadsheets or dense documents, just fresh, clear visuals to pique everyone’s interest.

Diamond icon to represent making your strategy crystal clear with Lucidity

Clear and simple

Concise summaries, clearly laid out and easy to understand.

Easy to remember

Great graphics to stick in people’s minds so they remember your strategy and you get results.

Fire up some passion with a strategy dressed for success

Impress investors, align managers, engage employees, enthuse recruits, inform shareholders – whoever you need to inspire with your strategy, our effortless visuals make that simple to do.

Your whole strategy in a single image

We’ll automatically distil your strategy into a great looking summary so you can effortlessly showcase a top-level digest of your plan and ambitions. Your core objectives, fast, clear and to the point. Bright, bold and memorable.

Colourful and clear

Add graphics and colours to bring it all to life and make it memorable.

Simple summaries

Engaging digests for each of your objectives to inform, review, explain and motivate.

An image of strategic objectives with their descriptions, titles and icons

Your research and insight

Present your important business analysis back to your people instantly and effortlessly with auto-generated, great-looking outputs. Engaging records of your insight and research that are easy to find and simple to understand.

SWOT, Ansoff and Revenue Segmentation tools
Revenue segmentation graphs

Great graphs

Clear visualisations of important data.

A persona

Added graphics

From avatars on your persona analysis to logos on your competitor analysis.

Emoji picker

Even emojis

Because who doesn’t like an emoji?

Your Vision and Values

The important headline ambitions and principles that underpin your strategy, designed and ready to present. Get straight on and show them off to everyone in the organisation so all your people understand the fundamentals.

A vision statement next to company values

All ready to download in an instant

With the click of a button, export any of your visuals and add to presentations, documents, emails or just stick on your wall.

Competitor analysis with a graph breaking down revenue

And always up-to-date

All your strategy visuals will automatically refresh and update whenever you make changes. Whether it’s adding a new strategic objective or refining your SWOT Analysis – whatever tweaks and refinements you make, your visuals will be up-to-date and ready to use.

A PESTLE Analysis being edited

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