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Growth Strategy Webinar

Go through the steps to creating a growth strategy for your business... 🌱

  • Lucidity
  • under 1 min read

Senior Lecturer & CFO René Moolenaar joins Lucidity Co-founder Tom Ricca-McCarthy as they discuss how to formulate a growth strategy.

With a mix of academic learning and real-world experience, we’ll show you how to use well-tested strategic frameworks, assess opportunities, and make decisions that will put you on track for growth.

You can watch the webinar at the bottom of this page! 👇

Content to support this webinar includes:

Join two leading professionals in strategy as they discuss developing a growth strategy.

In this webinar you'll learn about:

  • Learn how other businesses are dealing with the current challenges
  • Learn from a prominent MBA strategy academic, alongside seasoned business leaders with proven real-world track records
  • Examine the growth strategies of real businesses – both academic case studies & lived experience
  • Understand the practical challenges of growing an SME and learn the common mistakes to avoid
  • Learn how to execute a growth strategy and the communication best practise that underpins that

Watch the Growth Strategy Webinar

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