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Diversification Strategy Webinar

Considering diversifying your business? This is a must watch... 🍿

  • Lucidity
  • under 1 min read

If your current business model has taken a serious hit, or your market is in decline, clever diversification could be the answer.

In this webinar Dr. Monica Masucci joins Lucidity Co-founder Tom Ricca-McCarthy to show how other businesses have achieved turnaround and growth through careful, considered diversification.

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Join two leading professionals in strategy as they discuss diversification as a strategic plan.

In this webinar you’ll learn about:

  • See how other businesses are coping in these challenging times
  • Understand exactly when diversification should be considered
  • Learn how to map your resources and capabilities to see what your business could diversify into
  • Hear real-world examples of turnaround through diversification from the business leaders that made it happen
  • Learn about different frameworks and models to help you pivot from a leading Strategy & Entrepreneurship academic

Watch the Diversification Strategy Webinar

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