3 Strategic Options to Survive & Thrive

In challenging times, you need to know what your options are. Every business is having to adapt - make sure you know what changes are right for your company. Understand different strategic options and make an informed decision about the best way forward. We'll show you how to build that strategy in a methodical way and devise a plan to execute it.

12th, 15th and 19th May 2020

3 Strategic Options to Survive & Thrive

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How to Build a Diversification Strategy

Tuesday 19th May, 2020 | 10am BST

If your current business model has taken a serious hit these past few months, remember, all is not necessarily lost. Clever diversification could be the answer. Are there new markets and products you can drive growth from? Join us and learn how other businesses have achieved turnaround and growth through careful, considered diversification. Understand how to assess what new opportunities are suited to your business and how to make them happen.

  • Participate in a poll and see how other businesses are coping in these challenging times

  • Understand exactly when diversification should be considered

  • Learn how to map your resources and capabilities to see what your business could diversify into

  • Hear real-world examples of turnaround through diversification from the business leaders that made it happen

  • Learn about different frameworks and models to help you pivot from a leading Strategy & Entrepreneurship academic

How to Build a Diversification Strategy

How to Build a Growth Strategy

Available to watch now

There is still plenty of potential for growth – even now! Join us and learn how to formulate a growth strategy for your business. With a mix of academic learning and real-world experience and advice, we’ll show you how to use well-tested strategic frameworks, assess opportunities, and make decisions that will put you on track for growth.

  • Take part in a poll and learn how other businesses are dealing with the current challenges
  • Learn from a prominent MBA strategy academic, alongside seasoned business leaders with proven real-world track records
  • Examine the growth strategies of real businesses – both academic case studies & lived experience
  • Understand the practical challenges of growing an SME and learn the common mistakes to avoid
  • Learn how to execute a growth strategy and the communication best practise that underpins that
How to Build a Growth Strategy

How to Build a Cost Reduction Strategy

Available to watch now

Cost reduction may feel inevitable right now, but there are different degrees – from saving 10% in order to drive up profits, to being in distress and needing to cut 80% of your expenditure. Whatever your circumstances, we can help you understand how to approach cost reduction, build a strategy that’s right for your business and manage that through to execution.

  • Take part in a poll and learn how other businesses are handling their costs in the current climate
  • Learn from a prominent CFO who has led aggressive double-digit growth for numerous startup technology companies
  • Understand, step-by-step, how to approach cost reduction and determine which costs to cut
  • Learn from a number of practical examples from real businesses
  • Discover how to execute a cost reduction strategy and deliver the saving you’ve planned for
How to Build a Cost Reduction Strategy

Know your options. Choose the right path. Make it happen.

Join all three webinars to understand each strategic option and chose the best way forward for your business.


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